Vedas consider woman to be source of enlightenment and hope for future. And rightly so! She is not only the first teacher in form of mother, but also patient, emotionally mature and full-brain thinker to nurture the society into constant learning and understanding.

Vedas equate feminine power  with Usha – the dawn or sunrise. There are several mantras in Vedas that sing the glory of Usha. The parallel between dawn and woman are obvious. Just as dawn brings light in our lives and purity in thoughts, woman, in form of mother, brings light in any newborn’s life. In fact there is a mother in every woman showcased by her care, tenderness, affection, patience and selflessness. That is why Vedas regard every woman regardless of age and relation as mother. One who welcomes dawn is guaranteed with long life and prosperity. Similarly a society that respects women is bound to be prosperous and happy. Those who indulge in sleep or nefarious deeds during dawn destroy their own future and happiness. A society that either demeans or materializes women is bound to be afflicted with miseries, grief and failures. The only way to respect woman is as mother – symbol of pure affection, knowledge, guidance, leadership and brilliance.

This mother is praised in Vedas in various forms. Sometimes as Saraswati – source of knowledge, sometimes as Sahasraveerya – epitome of courage and patience and sometimes as Usha – the first rays of hope and enlightenment.

Here are a few chosen Mantras from Rigveda that humbly bow to the motherly Usha:

Rigveda 4.14.3: O glorious woman! You are full of brilliance and you come in form of enlightening dawn to illuminate the society away from ignorance.

Rigveda 7.78.3: We can see brilliant women enlightening the society with their noble qualities right in front of us. They have given birth to the sun of knowledge and fire of noble actions. Due to their glory, darkness of ignorance, sins and negativity is destroyed.

Rigveda 1.124.3: We can see the glorious woman who wears a dress of noble virtues. She is the daughter of brilliance and synonym of mental faculties. She follows perfectly the path of truth and virtues alone. She knows her goal and never breaches her discipline.

Rigveda 1.48.8: The entire world of noble people bows to the glory of the glorious woman so that she enlightens us with knowledge and foresight. She is the leader of society and provides knowledge to everyone. She is symbol of prosperity and daughter of brilliance. May we respect her so that she destroys the tendencies of evil and hatred from the society.

Rigveda 1.92.5: May the entire society respect and praise the glorious woman. She is the epitome of truthfulness, noble virtues, selflessness, enlightenment and worthy actions. She can destroy the strongest obstacles of hatred, violence, evil and ignorance with her shining light.

Rigveda 1.113.5: The glorious woman destroys the greatest of darkness of ignorance, hatred, violence and evil with her radiating brilliance. She is the firm pillar that supports all noble deeds. She is the daughter of light that ignites the sun of goodness and knowledge in the society.

Rigveda 1.113.12: The glorious woman is symbol of prosperity. She has permeated the entire society with her brilliance to inspire us all to reject laziness, get dynamic, conduct noble actions, become philanthropic and provide us with wealth and happiness.

Rigveda 1.123.13: O glorious woman, you firmly hold the ray of truthfulness and virtues. May you bless us all with inspiration of noble thoughts, words and actions. May you remove our ignorance by nurturing us so that we obtain the bliss of material and spiritual wealth.

The message of Vedas is clear and unambiguous – If society needs to be prosperous and happy, one cannot sideline the imminent need to restore women to highest pedestal of respect, make them leaders of our social awakening and surrender to the glory of the motherly force.

May we respect the woman always and may she guide as always towards bliss in form of Usha – the sunrise.

References: Commentaries by Swami Dayanand, Vedic Naari by Pt Ramnath Vedalankar, Vedik Shabdarth Vichar by Pt Ramnath Vedalankar, Vedic Kosh by Pt Rajveer Shastri.

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[…] This translation in Gujarati has been contributed by Ronak and Kruti. Original post in English is available at […]


[…] This translation in Gujarati has been contributed by Ronak and Kruti. Original post in English is available at […]

Girdhari Borado

Agniveer ji and team. 🙂

Sir, a wordpress-blog ‘TruthaboutHinduism’ has responded to your articles on ‘Women in Hinduism and Vedas.’ And he said that you are using wrong translations. Please, sir, respond to him. It’s my request to you!


@Agniveer : why are all my comments awaitong moderation it because of Html tags ?

Agniveer Agni
In wake of tremendous spamming by certain fanatic elements trying to disturb communal harmony, the comment length has been limited to 1500 characters. Also if there are more than 2 links, the comment goes into moderation. You would appreciate that in prevailing situations, we need to be extra-vigilant in ensuring… Read more »

Agniveer Team

Can you confimr that verses above your post are correct, as when defending sanatan dharma, there is a question over verse numbers, could you kindly produce sanskit and english translations so we can then put these verses forward


Dear Dogra, you can translate yourself from Hindi to English if you know Hindi.


Hi Ankur, sorry dont know Hindi.

Agniveer Agni

You can get references from online version of Vedas at Aryasamajjamnagar. For word by word translation, you may refer to texts given in reference.


Do you have english translations that can help us counter anti hindu rhetoric



Have you seen this article:

The book “Genocide of Women in Hinduism” by Sita Agarwal (referred in the blog), the author has written .

Am a responding to the article attached, but is there a formal response to the falseness written in the book?


@dogra : have posted a short and crisp response there on the article.

Ankur, good reply to Colonel diatribe of poo poo. Think we need some sanskit and then english translations as Griffith has translations sometimes creates conmfusion as when we quote reference numbers the other people say that is not griffith translation e.g. please see discussion between myself and philosopher. Can… Read more »
@Dogra.. updated on the respone there The first statement of the unscrupulous and Misleading article is a rip off from “Manu Smiriti” which is a largely interpolated scripture, and this articles heavily relies on the selective quoting from the same. It is generally said that the state of development of… Read more »
here it is , i think Mr Colonel is deleting it.. (you too can post the same there) and all here should do the same….. so that such people know that the position of vedas is defended. 🙂 The first statement of the unscrupulous and Misleading article is a rip… Read more »

[…] […]

Follower of prophet (SAW) Pakistan
Follower of prophet (SAW) Pakistan

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Shyam Wazir

This is so very beautiful. It just melted my heart. Thank you kindly for posting.

Ajay Vasudev Dar

So true!

Jayendra Sharma
Atharvana Veda Book 6 Hymn 11 1Asvattha on the Sami-tree. There a male birth is certified. There is the finding of a son: this bring we to the women-folk. 2The father sows the genial seed, the woman tends and fosters it. This is the finding of a son: thus hath… Read more »
Namaste Jayendra Visit and read it carefully especially following ————-The word ‘Putra’ in Vedas is generic and does not necessarily mean a son but implies a child. This is same as ‘mankind’ does not mean only men but all human beings. In most mantras of Vedas though, word ‘Praja’… Read more »
mulji parmar
muslim”s sacred holy scripture is kuran, like wise christian”s bible, buddhist: tripitak, and hindu*s :vedas but in practice hindu are following manu smruty, which is discriminating women and so called untouchable.our veda” is based on equality, fretarnity, science, culture, humanity , brotherhood etc, but when we are not folloing veda… Read more »

Who is motherly usha?


Excellent article Agniveer ji. Keep it up

I’m proud to know that ancient Indians (Hindus) used to respect women more than how we respect now.



Namaste All, As I went through the article posted on the importance of women for our society and the respect paid to her in Vedas I really feel very proud to be the one who belongs to the Vedantis generation, I don`t have much knowledge about the Kuran & Bibble… Read more »

Nice article as usual. Agniveer, a request:

Can we get some articles on cosmology, creation, universe? What do the Vedas say about how Universe was formed, our solar system etc.?

San Dear San,Satyarth Prakash says we should respect and worship mother,t.This does not mean the same kind of worship as done for GOD.It means by respecting and worshiping these people we pay due respect to god also as they are created by GOd and are medium through which we came… Read more »
But people do worship gurus and create their statues . Is it not better to worship mother who gives life, or like true saints never ask to be worshiped. I remember a guru telling one relative take down the picture of dead mother in puja, What more these gurus living… Read more »

Excellent article, but why some in Arya Samaj against mother worship then? Is it wrong to do mother worship and is not supported by Vedas? Please give enlightenment? As was reading some previous post that were written on this site.Could you answer Guru Agniveer?

vishal kumar
Namaste Agniveer Ji, Very educative words taken from Veda regarding woman. Only Veda in the world which gives highest respect to woman. In Veda you will never find even a point of error or which is against woman. Otherwise all the books like Puran, Kuran Humiliate woman. I urge all… Read more »
A Muslim women
@ miserable Muslim woman “No people who appoint a woman as their leader will ever prosper.” (Reported by al-Bukhaari, 13/53). This is the unanimous decision of Islamic Scholars that Women are not worthy of being a leader. Not a single Muslim sect believes that Women can be leader. and the… Read more »

again great work long live agniveer jai agniveer