I respect National Anthem because my nation is my first priority.
But I do believe that Vande Mataram and Vedic Rashtra Gaan are better choices for National Anthem and National Song.

What is Vedic rashtra gaan?

The original source of nationalism that we sidelined for same reason that we sideline Ram Mandir and Goraksha

The mantra from Yajurveda that deserves to be our National Song:

Hindi Translation:
ईश्वर ! स्वराष्ट्र में हों द्विज ब्रह्मतेजधारी ।
क्षत्रिय महारथी हों अरिदल विनाशकारी ।।

होवें दुधारू गौवें पशु अश्व आशुवाही ।
आधार राष्ट्र की हों नारी सुभग सदा ही ।।

बलवान सभ्य योद्धा यजमान पुत्र होवें ।
इच्छानुसार वर्षें पर्जन्य ताप धोवें ।।

फलफूल से लदी हों औषध अमोघ सारी ।
हो योगक्षेमकारी स्वाधीनता हमारी ।।

English Translation:
O Lord! May my nation give birth to greatest of intellects.
May we have brave and talented warriors who can destroy the entire army of attackers.

May we be blessed with cows.
May we all speak with wisdom and love.

May we be strong to carry heaviest of responsibilities.
May we have dynamism to move ahead under any situation.

May glory of woman be foundation of my nation.
May we be example of teamwork.

May each of us be mighty and gifted.
May we all live to give back selflessly.

May our children surpass the standards we set.
May we accomplish whatever we decide.

May clouds of my nation bless me with rain that nurtures.
May the food of my nation be medicine.

May all our noble wishes be true.
May our freedom nurture the entire world.

आ ब्रह्यन्‌ ब्राह्मणो बह्मवर्चसी जायताम्‌
आ राष्ट्रे राजन्यः शूर इषव्यः अति
व्याधी महारथो जायताम्‌
दोग्ध्री धेनुर्वोढानड्वानाशुः सप्तिः
पुरंध्रिर्योषा जिष्णू रथेष्ठाः सभेयो
युवाअस्य यजमानस्य वीरो जायतां
निकामे निकामे नः पर्जन्यो वर्षतु
फलवत्यो न ओषधयः पच्यन्ताम्‌
योगक्षेमो नः कल्पताम्
(YajurVeda 22.22)

India must have heritage symbols like national symbols to acknowledge its roots of being cradle of world civilization. And these heritage symbols must have legal protection like national symbols. They must be displayed in government media.
Vedas must be heritage books.
Cow must be heritage animal.
Om must be heritage icon.

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  • Namaste agniveer,
    This mantra is phenomenal good work
    I have query but not regarding this mantra ,I apologise for that please help me for this query,

    On the internet while surfing about upanishads stories I came to know about the website of devdutt patnaik a renowned hindulogist .
    On his page he mentioned the story of gargi who entered naked in court of janak king of mithila, among male sages to debate with yajnavalka.
    I have read another stories on net but not this kind of stories related to gargi.
    I think this is manipulation
    Can you please guide.

    • Gargi did not went nude..our vedic scriptures does not permit not male and female for nudity under any normal circumstances….Even the aborigines where the leaf as clothes.. Some people misunderstand the Sanskrit words and give wrong meaning….to debate why would one go in nudely… people don’t use common sense… mobile 7208402946 RadhaKrishna Shatry…