Say No To Caste System

In articles published so far in this series, we have seen how misleading have been the false stories of Aryan Invasion and subjugation of natives as slaves indulged in menial jobs. On contrary, we have seen the Vedas uphold highest dignity of labor. We have also seen that Daas/ Dasyu or Rakshas which are interpreted as natives or slaves of Aryans, are actually synonyms of criminals. Any civilized society has to keep these criminals in check.

We have also seen that Vedas consider all the four Varnas including Shudra as Arya and gives them utmost respect.

It is unfortunate that in this country of ours, where Vedas were the foundation of our culture, we forgot these original lessons of Vedas and got trapped in a variety of misconceptions regarding birth-based caste system and discrimination of people born in certain castes collectively known as Shudras.

The misleading theories of communists and biased indologists have already caused a great damage to our society and have sown seeds of differences. It is unfortunate that so-called Dalits consider themselves outcaste and hence we fail to unite together for prosperity and security. The only solution is to go back to the roots – the Vedas – and rebuild our understanding of our relationships with each other.

1.In this article, we shall evaluate the reality of caste system in Vedas and actual meaning of Shudra.

As discussed in the first article “Vedas  and Shudra”, there is absolutely no element of hatred or discrimination in Vedas regarding any person – be he or she a Brahmin, Vaishya, Kshatriya or Shudra.


The concept of caste is relatively new. Vedas contain no word that can be considered a synonym for ‘caste’. The two words commonly considered to mean ‘caste’ are Jaati and Varna. However the truth is that, all the three mean completely different things.

Caste is a European innovation having no semblance in Vedic culture.

Jaati means a classification based on source of origin. Nyaya Sutra states “Samaanaprasavaatmika Jaatih” or those having similar birth source form a Jaati.

An initial broad classification made by Rishis is 4-fold: Udbhija (coming out of ground like plants), Andaja (coming out of eggs like birds and reptiles), Pindaja (mammals) and Ushmaj (reproducing due to temperature and ambient conditions like virus, bacteria etc).

Similarly, various animals like elephant, lion, rabbits etc form different ‘Jaati’. In same manner, entire humanity forms one ‘Jaati’. A particular Jaati will have similar physical characteristics, cannot change from one Jaati to another and cannot cross-breed. Thus Jaati is creation of Ishwar or God.

Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra are no way different Jaati because there is no difference in source of birth or even physical characteristics to differentiate between them.

Later, word ‘Jaati’ started being used to imply any kind of classification. Thus in common usage, we call even different communities as different ‘Jaati’. However that is merely convenience of usage. In reality, all humans form one single Jaati.

The actual word used for Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra is ‘Varna’ and not Jaati.

The word ‘Varna’ is used not only for these four, but also for Dasyu and Arya.

‘Varna’ means one that is adopted by choice. Thus, while Jaati is provided by God, ‘Varna’ is our own choice.

Those who choose to be Arya are called ‘Arya Varna’. Those who choose to be Dasyu become ‘Dasyu Varna’. Same for Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra.

That is why Vedic Dharma is called ‘Varnashram Dharma’. The word Varna itself implies that this is based on complete freedom of choice and meritocracy.


Those involved in intellectual activities have chosen ‘Brahmin Varna’. Those into defense and warfare are ‘Kshatriya Varna’. Those in economics and animal rearing are ‘Vaishya Varna’ and those involved in other support functions are “Shudra Varna”. They refer merely to various choices of professions and have nothing to do with any Jaati or birth.


Often mantras of Purush Sukta are cited to prove that Brahmins originated from Mouth, Kshatriya from hands, Vaishya from thighs and Shudras from legs of God. Thus these varnas are birth-based. However nothing could be more deceptive. Let us see why:

a. Vedas describe God to be shapeless and unchangeable. How can such a God take shape of a gigantic person if He is shapeless. Refer Yajurved 40.8.

b. If indeed this were true, this would defy the theory of Karma of Vedas. Because as per Theory of Karma, one’s family of birth can change as per his or her deeds. So one born in Shudra family can take birth as king’s son in next birth. But if Shudras are born from feet of God, how can same Shudra again take birth from hands of God?

c. Soul is timeless and never born. So soul can have no Varna. It is only when it takes birth as human that it has a chance to opt a Varna. Then what is meant by a Varna coming from one part of God’s body? If Soul did not take birth from God’s body, then does it mean body of soul is prepared from God’s body parts? But as per Vedas, even nature is eternal. And same atoms recycle among various humans. So it is technically impossible for any one taking birth from God’s body, even if we assume God to be having a body.

d. The said Purush Sukta is in 31st Chapter of Yajurved, apart from Rigved and Atharvaved with some variations. In Yajurved it is 31.11. To see what it actually means, let us look at the previous mantra 31.10.
It asks a question – Who is mouth? Who is hand? Who is thigh and who is leg?

The next mantra gives the answer – Brahmin is mouth. Kshatriya is hand. Vaishya is thigh and Shudra becomes the legs.

Note that the mantra does not say that Brahmin “takes birth” from mouth…It says Brahmin “is” mouth. Because if the mantra would mean “takes birth” it would not answer the question in previous mantra “Who is mouth?”

For example, if I ask “Who is Dashrath?”, an answer like “Rama is born from Dashrath” would be meaningless!

The actual meaning is:
In society, Brahmins or intellectuals form the brain or head or mouth that think and speak. Kshatriya or defense personnel form the hands that protect. Vaishya or producers and businessmen form the thigh that support and nurture (note that thigh bone or femur produces blood and is strongest bone). In Atharvaveda, instead of Uru or Thigh, the word “Madhya” is used meaning that it denotes also the stomach and central part of body.

Shudra or Labor force form the legs that lay the foundation and make the body run.

The next mantras talk of other parts of this body like mind, eyes etc. The Purush Sukta describes the origin and continuation of creation including human society and states ingredients of a meaningful society.

Thus, its a pity that such a beautiful allegorical description of society and creation is distorted to mean something that is completely contrary to Vedic ethos.

Even the Brahman texts, Manusmriti, Mahabharat, Ramayan and Bhagvat  do not state anything even close to crazy hypothesis of God creating Brahmins by tearing of flesh from his mouth, Kshatriya from flesh of hands and so on.


It is thus obvious why Brahmins are accorded high respect in Vedas. This is same as what happens even in modern society. Scholars and experts get our respect because they form the direction-providers for entire humanity. However, as we have discussed in previous articles, dignity of labor is equally emphasized in Vedas and hence there is no element of discrimination.


In Vedic culture, everyone is considered to be born as Shudra. Then based on his or her education, one becomes a Brahmin, Kshatriya or Vaishya. This completion of education is considered to be a second birth. Hence these three Varnas are called “Dwija” or twice-born. But those who remain uneducated for whatever reasons are not discarded from society. They continue as Shudra and perform support-activities for the society.


A son of Brahmin, if he fails to complete his education, becomes a Shudra. Similarly, son of a Shudra or even a Dasyu, if he completes his education can become a Brahmin, Kshatriya or Vaishya. This is pure meritocracy. The way degrees are accorded today, Yajnopaveet was provided in Vedic system. Further, non-compliance with the code of conduct for each Varna could result in taking away of the Yajnopaveet.


Many examples exist of change of Varnas in Vedic history.

a. Aitareya Rishi was son of a Daasa or criminal but became a Brahmin of highest order and wrote Aitareya Brahman and Aitareyopanishad. Aitareya Brahman is considered critical to understand Rigveda.

b. Ailush Rishi was son of a Daasi, gambler and of low character. However he researched on Rigveda and made several discoveries. Not only was he invited by Rishis but also made an Acharya. (Aitareya Brahman 2.19)

c. Satyakaam Jaabaal was son of a prostitute but became a Brahmin.

d. Prishadh was son of King Daksha but became a Shudra. Further he did Tapasya to achieve salvation after repenting.
(Vishnu Puran 4.1.14)
Had Tapasya been banned for Shudra as per the fake story from Uttar Ramayan, how could Prishadh do so?

e. Nabhag, soon of King Nedishtha became Vaishya. Many of his sons again became Kshatriya. (Vishnu Puran 4.1.13)

f. Dhrist was son of Nabhag (Vaishya) but became Brahmin and his son became Kshatriya (VP 4.2.2)

g. Further in his generation, some became Brahmin again (VP 9.2.23)

h. As per Bhagvat, Agniveshya became Brahmin though born to a king.

i. Rathotar born in Kshatriya family became a Brahmin as per Vishnu Puran and Bhagvat.

j. Haarit became Brahmin though born to Kshatriya (VP 4.3.5)

k. Shaunak became Brahmin though born in Kshatriya family. (VP 4.8.1). In fact, as per Vayu Puran, Vishnu Puran and Harivansh Puran, sons of Shaunak Rishi belonged to all four Varnas.

Similar examples exist of Gritsamad, Veethavya and Vritsamati.

l. Matanga was son of Chandal but became a Brahmin.

m. Raavan was born from Pulatsya Rishi but became a Rakshas.

n. Pravriddha was son of Raghu King but became a Rakshas.

o. Trishanku was a king but became a Chandal

p. Sons of Vishwamitra became Shudra. Vishwamitra himself was a Kshatriya who later became a Brahmin.

q. Vidur was son of a servant but became a Brahmin and minister of Hastinapur empire.


The word “Shudra” has come in Vedas around 20 times. Nowhere has it been used in a derogatory manner. Nowhere it mentions that Shudras are untouchable, birth-based, disallowed from study of Vedas, lesser in status than other Varnas, disallowed in Yajnas.


In Vedas, Shudra means a hard-working person. (Tapase Shudram – Yajurved 30.5). And that is why Purush Sukta calls them as foundation of entire human society.


Since the four Varnas refer to 4 kinds of activities by choice, as per Vedas, the same person exhibits characteristics of the 4 varnas in different situations. Thus everyone belongs to all the 4 varnas. However, for simplicity sake, we refer to the predominant profession to be the representative Varna.

And hence, all humans should strive to be all the 4 Varnas to best of their capabilities, as per Vedic wisdom. This is the essence of Purush Sukta.

The Rishis like Vasisth, Vishwamitra, Angira, Gautam, Vaamdeva and Kanva exhibited traits of all the four Varnas. They discovered meanings of Vedic mantras, destroyed Dasyus, did manual labor and indulged in wealth management for social welfare.
We should also emulate the same.

In summary, we see that the Vedic society considers all humans to be one single Jaati or race, upholds the dignity of labor and provides equal opportunity for all humans to adopt the Varna of their choice.

There is no element of birth-based discrimination of any manner in the Vedas.

May we all unite together as one integrated family, reject the last element of birth-based discrimination of any manner and embrace each other as brothers and sisters.

May we also thwart the designs of those who want to mislead us by making baseless claims of casteism in Vedas and destroy the criminals aka Dasyu/Daas/Rakshas.

May we all come under the shelter of Vedas and work together to strengthen the humanity as one single family.

There is no caste-system in Vedas.

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[…] There is no caste-system in Vedas […]


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Harbans Lal Badhan

“The Untouchables (Dalits) of India want economic, social, political, religious and educational equality in Society, not in the eyes of God.”
(Harbans Lal Badhan)


Agreed. And slowly that is happening. Modi a person from a low caste has become PM, and he is making some real social changes. Like bank accounts for the poor and enforcing laws that say no caste discrimination, and etc.

Harbans Lal Badhan

“The Untouchables (Dalits) of India want economic, social, political, religious and educational equality in Society, not in the eyes of God.”
(Harbans Lal Badhan)

faiz khan

This is the correct meaning of the word varna, please have a look mr agniveer.


Khan, you want to use a british book on what a Hindu Indian word means. Come on man. So by your logic we should go to christians extremists for translations of the quran. Lol, moron.

We always talk about religion and castesim but in reality there is no any caste and religion. We all are same our blood are same.then why we believe in discrimination. God never created any caste they made simple human being.. Mentally sick people take the path of fundamentalism and spread… Read more »
Namaskar, I have some logical questions for this concept and I need some answer for that. If possible please revert me on this. Thanking you in anticipation. 1) What was karnas’s role in Mahabharata and why did he suffered since he had no mistake and why krishna did not do… Read more »
Hi Gaurav, I will also point out, in any war, there is going to be good people and bad people on both sides. The reason Arjuna killed Kuran has to do with one simple fact, he was fighting on an apposing side. Even when the US fought Germany during worldwar… Read more »
Hi Gaurav, Thanks for asking these questions. I am not a scholar on them, but I do know that there are many corrupted versions of Ramayana and Mahabharat out there. Good example would be the story of the gopis and Krishna. That actually never happened. They were later added in… Read more »
All Hindu communities in the country follow the varnashram system of Aryans and have divided the society in four castes – Kshatryas, Brahmins, Vaishyas and Shudras. Sindhis do not have such division in their society. They never followed a rigid caste system. That is why Sindhis are considered to be… Read more »


Arya Samaj/ Vedic people do not believe in caste system. And people from different parts of society marry each other. We have a telugu business man marrying North Indian farming lady.


Ashish B
wanted to post in this article but couldnt see the comment box there, nevermind. Pretty interesting turn of events are happening in this election, Dr. Udit Raj the known Hindu baiter is joining the BJP. Hope, after his ‘Ghar Vapasee’ he brings back all those people whom he got… Read more »
[…] I call them wisdom books and not scriptures because they are essentially guide books containing topics such as science, martial arts, ethics, maths, metaphysics and much more. Unlike most of the world’s scriptures, you are given complete freedom to reject them without being threatened with eternal hell. These books… Read more »
Satish Oberoi
We have not examined why Varna system was created in the first place? World is functioning without it.Or is it needed for followers of Vedic teachings or applicable in India only? My study has indicated that had India not incorporated Varna system we would perhaps have been divided into a… Read more »

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Ajay kumar
Who say that there is no caste in vedas .I want to tell him that arthved chapter no-76 (aayush sukti ) slok no 1524 it state that “jo chhatriye purus vidhiwat stiti agni ki (sandeepini )aahuti gyata hai wah kutil (chhalpurna )chhetro me bhi (bhramit hokar )mrityu ki disha me… Read more »
“Caste” is not an Indian word. It is not Sanskrit. It is not in the Vedas. It is derived from the European language of Portuguese “Casta” “Casta (Spanish: [ˈkasta], Portuguese: [ˈkaʃtɐ, ˈkastɐ]) is a Spanish and Portuguese term used in 17th and 18th centuries mainly in Spanish America to describe… Read more »

meant to write “…came to be associated with India only after…”

Ajay kumar
Arun ji yaha ye mudda nahi hai ki caste ki originity kaha se hai . matlab ko samajhiye . “there is no caste system in vedas ” is timeline ko badal ka hum hindi me kar de “ved me jati varna vyastha nah i hai “iska matlab bhi wahi hua… Read more »
HINDU CASTE SYSTEM in Hindu scriptures there are four divisions of people 1-BRAHMAN (priest) 3.5%, 2-KSHATRIYA (warriors) 5.5%, 3-VAISHYA (business caste) 6%, 4-SHUDRA (serving caste to above three caste also called Achot and feet (they cant touch the food or anything of uper three classes) 85%. majority of the Muslims… Read more »
Dr. Chandra P Trivedi
majority of the Muslims of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are converted form caste SHUDRA (serving caste) thanks to the caste system they recognize the truth of Islam. Dear friend, Shudra is not a caste, all are born as ignorant of knowledge as ‘Shudra’ to feed the nature as per their… Read more »
There is however a religious sanctioned Muslim caste system: Muslim men first, Muslim women second, men from the older two Jewish faiths (Judaism and Christianity) are next as 3rd class dhimmis, behind them as Jewish and Christian women, and way beneath them are the men of the dharmic faiths (Hinduism,… Read more »

This Muslim religion based caste system even is reflected not in only political and social status but also economic worth – See diyya or blood money


mr mohammad please do understand the vedas before commenting….i know islam a bit through my friend even misinterpretations can be made out of islam….hinduism being the most oldest religion suffers many alterations….but the true vedas do not carry any word caste


the corrupted caste system has no sanctrion in Vedas, as all parts of the body work together in unison.

The Muslims who converted can return back as there is no birth based caste in Hinduism, and as lord Krishna says God resides in hearts of all beings-BG 10.20,

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For those Indians in India, what should they put down on some of those documents, government or not, that ask for your caste. Should we just say on it none.

shubham bhatt
awesome article man, i myself am “born in a brahmin family” (you know what i mean) but i never believed that there would be anything like “caste system” written in vedas. i always used to think that the vedas are just misunderstood. i always wanted to read all the vedas… Read more »
There is no Hindu caste system. In Sanatana Dharma aka Hinduism there is non-heriditary Varna (Brahmin, Kashtriya, Vaishya, and Shudra). And there is Jatis aka communities that a person is born into (like being of Jewish, Irish, German community and heritage). Shudra is not the same as untouchable. There is… Read more »

This is an excellent site to know more on our Ancient Wisdom, The Vedas….

lover boy
ये देखो दोगले सेक्युलर हिन्दू का कारनामा भाजपा नेता निकला गौ तस्कर भोपाल। कटनी में गायों की तस्करी का एक ऐसा मामला सामने आया है, जिसमें आरोपी एक ऐसा व्यक्ति है जो भाजपा और बजरंगदल का नेता होने के नाते गायों की तस्करी के खिलाफ आंदोलन करता रहा है। गौसेवा… Read more »
meaning of the word “communal” has been perverted in Bharat, now a days.If a Muslim votes in the name of Islam (i.e for people who support the ideology of Islam) , he will not be branded as communal but will fall under the category of being purely secular (along with… Read more »
कम्युनल शब्द का अर्थ ही बदल दिया है लोगें ने अब भारत में , अगर मुस्लमान अपने मत ( इस्लाम ) के नाम पे वोट दे तो वोह वोह सेक्युलर कहलायेगा परन्तु इसी विचार धरा के अनुरूप एक हिन्दू वोट करे अर्थात जो पार्टी हिन्दू मतों का समर्थन करती हो… Read more »
lover boy

बुजदिल हैं जो शिकायत किया करते हैं
औरों से बस सवाल किया करते हैं
जिन्दा वो हैं जो दुनिया के सवालों का
अपने कर्म से जवाब दिया करते हैं..

It is a fake essay written by someone. Brhimins are th criminals of India and Arayans invaded India.And they slowly slowly enslaved the Dravidians the originals of India. Brhimins and Arayans coperated with Brahmins for Sects or varnas, they also coined scripture in order to follow the slavery or caste… Read more »
A Hitler for India? You are calling for genocide. This is hate speech of the worst kind. Shame on you. You stupidly think there are no South Indians who consider Sanatana Dharma theirs as much as any North Indian. It was not until the British did any Indian consider themselves… Read more »
Well!! Your logic is as stupid as you. Why the hell do you need to kill the Brahamins now ?? What did this people do?? Going by your logic , You should have killed the English , French and all other colonizers and you should have bombed persia and Afghanistan… Read more »
Wow, you claim you are a Dr., but your words show that you are totally uneducated. You talk about show science, but all your statements don’t show an ounce of science or proof. They were just simple empty statements to talk bad about Vedic people. You really are a sad… Read more »
Respected Agniveer Ji ! AND PRANAMS ANYONE WHO READS THIS I have a doubt. I hope you are aware of Abhivaadaya (A verse stating the Lineage and identity of a person). Now let us assume a Shudra becomes a Brahamin by occupation , 1) Can He perform Vedic Rites 2)What… Read more »
Agniveer Agni
Adityaji All these are manmade rules and not confirmed by Vedas. In a society facing lots of flux, less of scientific education and having significant information asymmetry, these may have served some role. But among enlightened ones, these rules are redundant. For example, as children, you are taught to hold… Read more »

One more doubt. Sorry.

In favour of Birth Based Varna System :-
A person is born into a varna based on his karma . So he enjoys or surfers based on It. So Birth based Varna system works on the basis of Karma


Your hate speech against Indians, Hinduism and Hindus has no place here. Go spew your Hinduphobia elsewhere.

Good discussion betwen Aditya and Agniveer Birth based caste, made the social evil of caste we have today and this social evil must be vanquished so that each individual fullhy understands that they can become whatever their dreams take them, and with training and educztion they can become that which… Read more »
Agniveer Agni

In that case, a person refusing to accept birth-based caste system also took birth due to his karma. So rejection of Varna system also works on the basis of Karma.

AgniveerJi !! About the 3 generations , My teacher gave me an example (It is kind of long) It was a common scene in the families of Indians (but not now) to have Great Grand parents . Our parents and elders play a very crucial role in molding us .… Read more »
Agniveer Agni
The dangers of probability based systems is that they are too brutal for the exceptional ones. If you have good family, you have more probability to be good. You can be good even without anyone formally embracing you as brahmin or whatever. But what about the exceptions where one is… Read more »

Thanks a Lot AgniveerJi , for opening my eyes. Thanks a lot

D. Tushaar
First thing i would like to ask you… if there is no cast system,then what are the 4 spiritual and physical classes? Can you explain me the term varna asram from the vedas? 3. you said that a brahmin who doesn’t complete brahmic education is classified as a sudra. Well… Read more »

@D.Tushaar : Actually the word “Caste” is no where in the indian scriptures. there is only the jati and varna.
for the varna system read Satyarth prakash by Swami dayanand.

D. Tushaar
First thing i would like to ask you… if there is no cast system,then what are the 4 spiritual and physical classes in vedas? 2 Can you explain me the term varna asram from the vedas? 3. You said that a brahmin who doesn’t complete brahmic education is classified as… Read more »

thanks for shedding light.


__________Think would be better to provide a rebuttal to verses they have used,____________
Do whatever I said you above. Do not argue. Because I am last prophet. And doubting/questioning to prophet leads to hell.
This is for you
What Makes a Muslim Human


i agree with you that guy is liar and he knows it


Agniveer here is an article:

Now this person cannot deal with clear humane verses, nevertheless can this article be debunked


@dogra You should not waste time to debunk the kufrs. They are doing their duty for which they get money from their Arab Masters. Ali Sina can handle them single handedly. We need to propagate Vedic Knowledge to the grass root level. Ali Sina is Hanuman of this era and… Read more »

Think would be better to provide a rebuttal to verses they have used, to give them no leg to stand on, not that they have a secure leg in the first place.
Their attemptes are lame, but good to have rebuttal for the masses

Neerav Kothari

Is meat (other than cow) eating in general allowed in Hinduism or Vedas or not?

My understanding is that a body requires a good balance of Stavik, Rasvik and Tamsik food depending on whether our body is vaat, pith or kapha..

please comment…


this article is well down. thank you for clearing my confusion. now can you prove these points. give us actual proofs from the vedas, like hymns and verse where you found this.


why did god create us


Discrimination is wrong weather it was base on birth wise or profession wise.

“Discrimination is wrong weather it was base on birth wise or profession wise.” Agreed. and it is also wrong based on race or if you are a man or women or if you a minority religion, like Hindu or Sikh, in the middle east including Saudi arabia, pakistan, iran, iraq,… Read more »
BULL SHIT and STUPID article..preaching KARMANTRA PRAVISTA..This vedic civilization of BHARAT is over now and the time if of VARNA SANKARAS as per TWICE BORNS, DWIJATI are themselves involved in the production of such BASTARD progenies. And oh sorry, VARNA is by BIRTH only. Ther are ample references to… Read more »
Agniveer Agni
Hmmm. Could you enlighten us how do we verify that the author of this comment in name of Radhakrishna is himself a Brahmin and not a Bastard progeny? Because as per (ill)logic of this commenter, only those born as Brahmins have special sanskaars to understand and propagate Vedic truths and… Read more »
I know you are not a Hindu or a Vedic person. I know you are probably a Christian or muz rat trying to breakup and spread hate between Dharmic people. Seriously your disgusting tricks will no longer work with us. Dharmic people are uniting and one family and no longer… Read more »
Pramod kumar
There is chance even to misuse the truth, by selfish guys. Ved means light,knowledge and ultimate truth.Present form of varn/caste system is not competitive like pristine time where every varn is to be earned and not attained by virtue of biological birth accident.Let’s practice the real form of the system… Read more »

the young generation(19-25 yrs @2012) will definitely understand mr.angiveer ji’s vedic facts, but for their happiness, it is their parents who should start thinking of all this casteism, or else there would not b any kind of change in d society, which discriminates ppl based on their caste…

love this site..has answered so many of my doubts. wld like to say 1 thing.from what i have read abt my religion n the facts put forward till now. the beauty abt it is its so open minded n is actually not a religion but way of life,for u n… Read more »

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From my understanding Agniveer is not one person. It is made up of many many many many people both men and women. And donations are from people like you and me and many more. It isn’t funded by some billionaire, although it would be nice to. It is a grass… Read more »

I want to thank you for providing a venue to discuss, dialogue, debate, inquire and have different view points for reflection. I truly appreciate it. Thank you!

[…] I call them wisdom books (not scriptures) because they are essentially guide books containing topics such as science, martial arts, ethics, maths, metaphysics and much more. You are given complete freedom to reject them without being threatened with eternal hell, unlike most of the world’s scriptures. And if anything,… Read more »

sir even i had the same notion of jaati. but seriously its hard to tell the people who are still sitting on the top saying that they are brahmin…but how do we tell those people about it.

See Mahantesh if wrongs have been committed, there is no point hiding behind frail defenses. Such defenses will eventually collapse, but you will have to put things into the proper perspective. People have throughout history killed each other, humiliated each other, and done terrible things to each other. Indians were… Read more »
Soumya Dhawan

and i am not using ignorant as a pejorative term…..they weren’t ignorant about language but they certainly were ignorant about science, philosophy, medicine as was everybody else in that time.

Now, this is the height of ignorance. You have a plenty of catching up to do. Do you even the understand the meaning of the term “ignorant”? Probably, you don’t. It is your deep-seated animosity that is on full display. Anyways, you can live in your make-believe world. I ain’t… Read more »
Soumya Dhawan
Come on, This whole article is a pathetic attempt to elevate religious documents. Who gives a shit what the vedas said? They were written by ignorant people over 3000 years ago and should not be a basis for any sort of morality. The fact is it is easy to see… Read more »
Just would like to know if you are an atheist or one of those “secular” hypocrites who go on with their vitriolic anti-hindu rant for reasons best known to them. How were these “ignorant people” able to write treatises in Sanskrit? Well, you seem to be in the habit of… Read more »

@Somya : before you revert, a good read for you would be “Breaking India” by Rajiv Malhotra

Somya Dhawan, little knowledge is dangerous thing,It is assumed (by most of the Indians too like yourself who do not have a cultural identity except a name/passport) (proliferated by the indologists ) that the birth based discrimination is an entity derived from the vedas , the same has been rebutted… Read more »
Soumya Dhawan

No, i do not believe “that the birth based discrimination is an entity derived from the vedas”….I have a functioning brain……..but my point, which you so graciously missed, was that debunking this myth does not give any more credibility to a 3000 year old text as a basis for lifestyle.


Who decides what should be the basis of one’s lifestyle? Which text/texts according to you should be basis/bases for one’s lifestyle?

Discrimination is not an evil quality by itself. It is what is being discriminated against is what can be classified as being right or wrong: to elucidate this point further, everyone should be able to discriminate between what is corrupt and what is not. Now, this quality is not acquired… Read more »
Soumya Dhawan

I dont need any texts to be the basis of my life-style you pea-brain. I use LOGIC and REASONING.
I dont need a book to tell me its wrong to discriminate.
and yes i am an atheist


HIIIII Agniveer gi

I am fully agree with you.


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[…] the same. What are u talking about believe in caste system, there is no caste system in vedas: […]

And from my understanding of the Vedas, people are not support refer to themselves as Brahmins or Sudhras or anything. When I read the Vedas I never read the Vedas say to refer to yourself as Brahmin or Sudhra. I just view the four systems as a way to understand… Read more »

according to you we can divide the people based on their profession and not by rheir birth

Cast is not the dividing up of society based on profession, but the make up the unified society where anyone can move or even be part of multiple professions. All the Vedas are doing is describing the make up of any society for it to function. These are just components… Read more »

Varnas is not the dividing up of society by profession, but describing the different components of society that unite society.


And also there is no word called caste in the Vedas. I read the Vedas and no where can I find the word caste anywhere in it. It is a foreign word to the Vedas. Be Educated.

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