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Agniveer started its New Year 2070 with a visit to Bijwasan, New Delhi where around 480 Hindus from Pakistan have taken shelter in an erstwhile primary school building. These Hindus came to India a few weeks ago in aftermath of a severe wave of hatred against non-Muslims in Pakistan. Shri Sanjeev Newar and Dr DK Garg from Agniveer met the families in morning, discussed their situation and worked towards a roadmap for them.

The details are indeed shocking. These Hindus cannot own any property or even demand protection of their fundamental rights in Pakistan. They are forced to pay a Jaziya tax to Mujahideen if they want protection of their lives and dignity of their women. Abduction of Hindu women, especially unmarried girls is a common phenomenon. Thus, they are forced to marry their children in early childhood to offer some degree of protection. The wages they get is half for that of a Muslim. Hindus are considered untouchable and cannot even wear new clothes. Cows are cut openly in Hindu temples and idols desecrated. The bulk of Sindh population remains in delusion that Islam alone is best religion and all Kafirs (an abusive term used for non-Muslims) are worst of creatures. And hence there is no sin in torturing Hindus unless they convert to Islam.

In 1951, Hindus formed 22% of Pakistani population (much more than the Muslim population proportion in India today!). And today they have reduced to less than 1.7%. Either they are forced to convert, or live like third grade citizens, or indulge their women in flesh-trade. Rape and abduction of women has taken an unprecedented high in last few years thanks to hatred spit by various fanatic mullahs and ‘Islamic research’ organizations.

Thus, these Hindus, for whom dignity of women and commitment to Hinduism, is more precious than anything else, were left with no option but to come to India. They came on a tourist visa but are firm that they would not return to Pakistan. They would rather choose to immolate themselves than allow a fanatic to rampantly abduct their women. So desperate have been the situations that many families left their young children in Pakistan because their passports and visa were not ready, before coming to India. They had to make the tough choice between safeguarding their rest of the families vs putting entire family under risk for sake of one loved member. May God never show such tough situations to anyone.

They got a visa for one month from Indian government that got expired 2 days ago. Currently their visa has been extended by one more month. They are restricted to stay within Delhi.

Agniveer demands that India issues unconditional citizenship to all minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Partition of India was an unethical, unnatural phenomenon that happened because we could not counter the fanaticism of few hoodlums. Just like Manmohan Singh and LK Advani could manage to come to India in 1947, not everyone was so lucky. We all know how trains and trains of Hindus and Sikhs were butchered and raped by Pakistanis when they tried to come from Pakistan to India during population transfer. The current Hindus, Sikhs and Christians in Pakistan and Bangladesh are India’s responsibility. They are our own brothers and sisters. India should take all extra-steps to claim back our own family members.

But in the interim, till our government wakes up to realities and its moral responsibilities, it is duty of each and every Indian to support these family members across the border. Atithi Devo Bhava – Guest is Devata is India’s foundation. Why guests, India has gladly fed and glorified even invaders and enemies. Should we not then open our arms for our own family members?

These Pakistani Hindus need us. We must provide for their food, security, job and education. Ch. Nahar Singh, a retired army-man has singlehandedly supported these displaced Hindus in his private property by offering food and shelter. Our heartiest thanks and naman to the hero. It is time for all of us now to join hands in support.

Agniveer has listed a set of requirements to help these families:

– Education facility for children (numbering roughly 200) – Agniveer has collaborated with a few Gurukuls and we aim to provide free education and complete financial support for around 100 to 150 of these children through admission in these Gurukuls.

The goal is that not only their education till graduation is completely taken care of, but also to nurture torchbearers of Dharma from among them who could be the next Bismils, Lajpats and Shradhanands.

All of those who have any links and associations in schools or Gurukuls in Delhi region are requested to proactively help getting education for each and every eligible student.

– Employment for youth – Most of these people are farmers or unskilled labors. And few are also technicians and skilled labors. We sincerely urge all to provide employment to all of them so that they can live with dignity and self-empowerment.

– Living Expenses – A bare minimum living standard with minimal hygiene, sanitation and food would require an expense of around Rs 2 lakh per month.

All who are willing to contribute to this Yajna may donate to Jan Swabhiman Welfare Society through http://janswabhiman.org/donate/ . Please mail us clearing stating: PAKISTANI HINDUS. Click below button to make your contribution

Donate Now

The entire amount shall be used exclusively and ONLY for this cause.

Further, if you have clothes, medicines etc to spare, please do not miss the chance to be a Krishna to dear Sudama.

If you have additional house or flats to provide for shelter of these families, that would be of great help as well.

Agniveer’s commitment

1. Agniveer is collaborating with a few gurukuls to provide free education till graduation to around 100 children. Our aim is to be able to absorb all children and even a few youths in educational drive.

2. Agniveer is committed to provide financial support as well as support in kind for their decent living.

We have even higher aspirations for these commitments. We hope that overwhelming support of our patrons will help us realize the same.

Address of stay of Pakistani Hindus in Delhi:

Ch. Nahar Singh
Ambedkar Basti
New Delhi
(Directions: Bijwasan is near Gurgaon and Palam Village. At Bijwasan, take the road adjoining Golokdham Mandir and reach Holi Chowk. From there, take a cut to Ambedkar Basti and reach Shiv Mandir. Ask anyone location of Tower on the road. You can ask anyone about Ch Nahar Singh there. Since a lot of media persons have visited in last few days, it will be easy to get road directions from passer-byes, if in doubt)






राष्ट्रभक्ति और धर्मरक्षा के लिए प्रेरित करती कविताओं का संग्रह

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Agniveer aims to establish a culture of enlightened living that aims to maximize bliss for maximum. To achieve this, Agniveer believes in certain principles: 1. Entire humanity is one single family irrespective of religion, region, caste, gender or any other artificial discriminant. 2. All our actions must be conducted with utmost responsibility towards the world. 3. Human beings are not chemical reactions that will extinguish one day. More than wealth, they need respect, dignity and justice. 4. One must constantly strive to strengthen the good and decimate the bad. 5. Principles and values far exceed any other wealth in world 6. Love all, hate none
  • Hi,

    I want to do some needful for these people . How can I get contact number of Ch. Nahar Singh? I want to meet with Ch. Nahar singh?

  • Agniveer, Yu are doing a good job. Kudos. Even I met Ch Nahar Singh in Jan this year along with our friends and did our bit. Will do more as per my strength and capability.

  • I think Hindus of Pakistan and Bangladesh should carve out their own Hindu heartlands from these countries. After all these countries started as secular countries but started harassing, killing and forcibly converting Hindus of their countries. If Pakistan could be carved out of India then why not Hindu countries from these two countries.

  • this is not true i am hindu and have been living for ages hasnot any type of mentioned problem in your news. muslim here in Pakistan respect us specially Sindhi r much better take care of us. i love my country Pakistan.

  • keep up the good work, one Hindu saved is worth more than a thousand moslems killed/converted back to Hinduism, there is a verse in the Upanishads, I just can’t recall it right now, will post it here when I do. I have always argued that if the caste system is such a barrier, then let the SC/ST’s be baptised Brahmins and we will pursue our dreams be we Kshatriyas or Brahmins, let the SC/STs become caretaker of the Vedas and let Mayawati produce a saint like Sant Dnyaneshwar from Maharashtra who got a buffalo to recite scriptures in chaste Marathi………… Bottomline is quality, not quantity, we Hindus do not need to breed like cockroaches and moslems to prove a point, one Agniveer and a few others are enough and will do ! 🙂

    • @ Vidhi,
      The muslims of India themselves are responsible for themselves! If they think along with the butchers who consider the Mughal bastards as their forefathers, they are responsible for their doom. If on the other hand, they realize that they are the actual brothers and sisters of Indians and that an insult upon a Hindu is actually an insult upon them, then the Hindu embraces them with open heart, simply because no Hindu expects anyone to convert their religion by hook or crook, not even the least by violence. But the same case is not with Muslims or Christians whose doctrine is conversion. The unity of Muslims and Hindus was great till the Sipoy Mutiny of 1857. But the clever strategy of British and the political-bastard like Nehru, our brothers got confused and started quarreling among each other. Even to this day, it is the Muslim brothers who make the garlands for the Chariot festival of Sri Rama temple, which is very close to the disputed Ayodhya site. This must echo in all over the country if the Muslims truly think that India is their own and all Indians are their brothers and sisters, with ‘no conditions apply’ tag.

    • @ Vidhi
      1. Muslims have been given a separate country to live in over six decades ago and what remains is not for Muslims.
      2. In India, Muslims are not being persecuted anywhere and their population has been increasing exponentiall. Compare it to Pakistani Hindus.
      3. Muslims are not being persecuted in Kashmir, Gujarat, Palestine, etc. as they keep on claiming to.
      4. Everywhere in the world it is the muslims killing non-muslims and not vice versa.
      5. The reason for point 4 is Islam. Islam is a demonic cult which spreads hatred towards the whole of Humanity.
      6. Islam is the religion of terrorism and all the problems of muslims in India and in other parts of the world and not Jews or USA or Hindus as they claim.

      In case you disagree with point 5 then here is a challenge for you and you can win USD 50000

      7. Ever since the medieval ages, Hindus have been at the recieving end of terrorism.
      8. Jihad against Hindus started in 638 A.D. and since then 80 million Hindus have died to the hands of Islam.

      No one would have told you about points 7 and 8 as the NCERT in 1980 had decided “not to present the medieval ages history as a period of conflict between Hindus and Muslims”. For further information read Negationism in India by Dr. Koenraad Elst and Hindu Temples : What happened to them? By Sita Ram Goel.

      And Hence, I rest my case.

      • don’t waste your breath on non-believers and Hindu-haters, its a waste of time……… and you’re pretty knowledgeable too 🙂 , all the more reason, as I said, DON’T WASTE YOUR BREATH, Kundalini Yoga teaches that when the chakras are opened, every breath will echo with ‘OM’, there is a mind’s eye in Hindu metaphysical teachings, and there must be a mind’s ear, infact there is a full IMAX experience in 3D/4D/other dimensions as the mind can traverse without fear…………

        Most Hindus do it with ‘Bhang’ or ‘ganja’ chillums, I personally partook of both once upon a time, but the best way to do it is through yoga and one must get up early in the morning, 2:45-3:00am, unfortunately that is the time when goats/cows are slaughtered on Tannery Road, Bangalore so I pretty much ride like a Hell’s Angel on my mind’s motorcycle, not recommended for all, try it at your own risk/rewards/payback………

  • Around 70 % of Muslims(MUslim Rajputs, Muslim Jatts, Muslim Gujjars, Muslim Khokhars, Muslim Ahirs, Arian, Kombh, Kashmiri Butts, Daars, Vanis etc) of this sub continent are the descendants of Hindus. They got nothing but only humiliation and insult by foreigner Muslim. They used these converts against their own Hindu and Sikh brothers.

    How can these people forget the sacrifices of their ancestors for this land and our Dharma and how can they forget the JAUHAR of their brave women in past ? I request them to come back to the great Dharma of their great ancestors.

  • Syed Bhai,

    Please don’t equate Indian minorities with Pakistani minorities. The condition of Indian Muslims is much better than that of Pakistani Muslims. No Muslim of India would ever like to settle in Pakistan now, whereas every Hindu and Sikh of Pakistan would like to settle in India. What to talk about Hindu,Sikh and Christian communities of Pakistan even Shia and Ahmadiya Muslim communities are on the target of Sunnis of Pakistan.

  • @ Abdul Rasool

    Read the following shlok and see which Ishwar we worship

    “Namostwantay sahatramurtye sahasrapadikshisirorbahwe
    sahastranamne purushay shashwate sahatrakotiyugdharine namah”

    This ishwar is infinity times greater than your blood thirsty Allah of Quran, who was the alter ego of Muhammad and who was also like a home agent of him.

  • We are indifferent to Pakistani because:
    1. We do not intrude to their borders or send killers to their country to kill innocents.
    2. We have treated the muslims as our own brothers and sisters and they will continue to be our best friends. This is for those muslims who do not think notorious about their own country, India.
    3. As a matter of fact, all these muslims in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan were converted in sword-tip, with a threat to get killed or raped. It is blasphemy and shame to call the Mughal bastards as your forefathers. It is an imposed religion on to you and just because your forefathers didn’t have a choice, you are blindly following it. Accept this very simple truth.
    4. None of the developed countries regard your religion as Harmonious. They want to get rid of you guys in fact. You may reject this idea but what is happening is just the same.
    5. The partition is the greatest mistake orchestrated by the idiot Nehru and Adamant MK Gandhi. It is extremely important to clear congress out of this country because they are the greatest dangers to this countrymen, not differentiating between Hindus, Muslims or Christians and so on. The Congress is the shame of our country and is a disease that must be driven out.

    If you cannot think, listen to those who can.

    The Muslims of Pakistan, Bangladesh and India must realize something. It is the Hindus who are true secularists. We have lived in harmony with Muslims in the past. We are more than happy to do the same in the future BUT this is not a sign of cowardice, but of brotherhood. If this is misunderstood or if you think that you can make this Bharat Bhoomi as a Islamic land or all that utopia, then read the para prior to this again.

  • yes , it’s resposbilty of india becosue if indian goverment can care six core muslim they are cames from banladesh and they all are living in india , but indian goverment don’t want from pakistani hindus come in india and live here , becouse all muslim gives vote to kongress but hindus never gives vote them ……………….. it’s true …………. they knows becouse kongress divided part of bharat and made india and pakistan and bangaladesh and now trying to make jammu kasmir to new desh so every one must know about this , if any one want to know about this then you must listen the vedio or odio in youtube the person name is sir rajiv dixit …………..

  • Here is a relevant article from the People of Shambala site on Pakistani Hindus terrible plight in their ancestral land.
    “Hindu refugees in India protest Pakistani atrocities” http://peopleofshambhala.com/hindu-refugees-in-india-protest-pakistani-atrocities/

    ….Rajiv Gupta told News Track India that the organization had submitted a memorandum to the UN, requesting the body to ”provide relief to the Pakistani Hindus as they are being attacked and tortured there.”…..

  • Once a time, i argue about religions
    But now i feel all religions are same !
    Krishna, Allah and Yahweh are all same and holy.
    Hindu, Muslim and Chrishtian all are same .

    • @Dasyu-Hater
      No bro
      Believers (muslims) and non-believers (Non-Muslims) are not same. Believers are Allah best creation and they will be in eternal heaven while non-believers are worst of creature they will be in eternal hell.

      • Dasyu-Hater you read Abdu Rasul and forever drop that nonsense of all religions are the same. You see what his religions teaches him. That is not the same as what your faith or Jainism teaches. It is similar to what Christianity teaches which again is different from yours. Read this http://www.stephen-knapp.com/why_all_religions_are_not_the_same.htm and never say that silly thing that all religions are the same. The only people who say that are pandering ridiculous Hindus who deliberately ignore the very real and significant differences that very much do have an impact. You will never hear a Christian or a Muslim or a Jew say that.

      • Abdul Rasul bhai,

        How can you say that the believers are the preferred ones and will go the paradise while the non-believers will burn in the hell fire? Don’t you know, Allah knows the best? Why are you trying to be the spokesperson of the Allah?

      • Hi Satyen,

        The problem with people like you is you start very little research and make a claim about other religions. Your base it on hearsay not evidence. Read about islam, there is a lot of information the web. If you actually read the source material you would know it is not peaceful at all. The only thing that can even have a claim of “peace” is interpreting the name islam to mean peace, but that is where it stops. Once you read the material you know it isn’t even close to peace, at least in the terms of how Vedic and Western societies define peace, justice, and freedom.

        And the next problem is you want to wish very had for a moderate way of viewing these things. As the problem with moderates like you is you don’t do research. Instead you run away from research or wish to totally ignore it. Even when people present it to you. You are a person of FEAR.

        Please watch this video:
        Why Islam is violent and Buddhism & Jainism are not – Sam Harris

      • And here is why your buddy you are trying to appeal to can not in any way agree with you.

        They who disbelieve, and deny Our revelations, such are rightful Peoples of the Fire. They will abide therein.” 2:39

        “Allah has cursed them for their unbelief.”
        Because I disbelieve in his bullshit, Allah has cursed me, along with nearly six billion other non-Muslims. 2:88

        The curse of Allah is on disbelievers. 2:89

        Allah is an enemy to the disbelievers. 2:98

        “For disbelievers is a painful doom.” 2:104

        “But those who keep their duty to Allah will be above them [non-muslims] on the Day of Resurrection.” 2:212

        Allah will make disbelievers’ lives miserable in this world and torture them forever after they die. 2:114

        Disbelievers are losers. 2:121

        Just a few of many verses about disbelievers. In order for him to not believe that, he must leave islam.

  • @ abdu rasul
    Recently RSS has adopted over 40 muslim children orphaned due to insurgency in Kashmir.
    We don’t show off to people what we do. If hazaras come to India, we will help them too.

  • Namaste,
    We need hindi / sanskrit typists on contract @Rs.40 per page. Training available; support for computer available. Basics of computing and knowledge of Hindi is compulsory. Please advise if this helps. Regards. Virendra 992070855.

  • India should have never been partitioned on Muslim lines. This was the biggest mistake. All that ensured is that non-Muslims in the partitioned lands were persecuted and massacred to the point that the non-Muslim population is now 1-2%. This did not buy peace for India which ended up being targets of three wars with Pakistan that thankfully India won, and countless terrorist attacks coming from Pakistan. For all the talk of human rights the Western world is hypocritical as they ignored the suffering of non-Muslims of Pakistan and Bangladesh. Where have they condemned this violent Muslim nationalism that divided India? Nowhere.

    • Who is there to help these persecuted minorities? The UN? What a joke? Any Western country? Another joke they don’t care. Only us. Pakistan and Bangladesh are still Indian land, of Indian people. We are the only ones to care and we should.

  • India is for Indians… not Hindus. We are not concerned about the fate of a “particular religious sect” in any part of the world. However if there are lives in danger, be it Hindu Muslim, Christian or some guy from Mars its our duty to save them.

    • Well considering Indians are also Hindus, then India is for Indians also means India is for Hindus. To say India is for Hindus does not mean it is not for Sikhs Buddhists etc…

  • @syed Bhai muslims are treated better than hindus in this country. in the name of minority they get reservations in jobs, got seats in Schools& colleges. And you r telling about the riots? Pls understand in these riots men & women from both community got killed. we dont want to fight against a muslim who considers this great country above his religion, he is more than a brother to me. I am telling this because it is the need of the hour. Problem arises when you people talk only about godhra. What is the reason for godhra riots. What about the 59 innocent human lives burnt in the train. No body cares about them because politicians & media people knows that hindus are not united and they will forget it and move on. Iam still believes that if the train burning incident didnt take place there would not be any riots. Why dont you people talk about the more recent Assam riots and the riots in West bengal (Canning). The basic problem of you people is that you peeople considers yourself “The Best”. whatever you have done against any other religion is just another crime ( I dont know some people think it as a crime or not), But whe
    n the other religion retalliates you people exaggerated the incident as a massacre of muslims. .

  • Dear Agniveer, god bless you for what you are doing.
    I have written a reply to SYED and the comment is awaiting moderation. Please post my comment here sir.

    • @Abdu Rasul
      Pakistani Muslims canot be given shelter becoZ they are Dasyus (the wicked) , and wicked is always wicked. It doesnot mean that Indian muslim are not Dasyu……
      We have to save Pak Hindus because they are also Aryans, by the way Why we take Pak Muslims responsibiblty, it doesnot our matter .This is not written in the Dharmashastras to give them shelter.
      So we cant help Pak Muslims , Sorry.
      Furthermore Aryavarta is no highly economical to help also Dasyus.

      • Pakistani Muslims canot be given shelter becoZ they are Dasyus (the wicked) , and wicked is always wicked.
        We have to save Pak Hindus because they are also Aryans. By the way Why we take Pak Muslims responsibiblty? , it’s not our business .This is not written in the Dharmashastras to give them shelter.
        So we cant help Pak Muslims , Sorry.
        Furthermore Aryavarta is not highly economical to help Dasyus.
        But if u really wanted their help from us,
        Then tell the pak muslims to help their minority Hindus.
        Then we will think.

      • @Dasyu-Hater
        Muslim are Allah best creation. I talked about Pakistani Muslims because they most suffered people. Hindu came from Pakistan can leave here in India without any fear of killing but what about Muslims who remained in Pakistan. Daily Bomb blast in Pakistan is usual. We should save them.

      • @Abdul Rasul

        What are you expecting from India? How do you think India can stop some thing that is happening in Pakistan? It would be really good if India can do that. But do you think its practical? Can you explain how it can be done?

      • @Dasyu-Hater
        In India incident like Gujrat happens in years in which Muslim get killed but in Pakistan daily 100 of muslim get killed in Bomb Blasts. But Indian politician always concerned only such small incidents happened india but they are not paying any heed where in Pakistan such incidents happened daily in which believers get killed. Same on India.

      • when u talk about gujurat riot ,at first in train at godhara 55 Hindus are killed by Muslims .tell me who is responsible for that ?

      • @Dasyu-Hater
        Islam does not talk about on country basis. In Islam only two races have believers and non-believers. In Pakistan believers are living in panic & getting killed. As per divine order believers must be protected. India should pay attention on the Pakistani Muslims.

      • Vedas is not on country basis. It is also believe on two races of faith:-
        Was the bomb blast are caused by poor minority Hindus so Why they are ill-treated ?
        Were the Muslims are ill-treated in India ?
        No , they are given job and security.
        Why Hindus ill treated there ?
        You have no right to expect brotherhood if u cant give brotherhood?

        Why u are trying to prove Hindus as cruel by a mere Gujrat which takes place only 1 time?
        I will tell how muslims torturing hindus so many times ?
        1) Afzal Guru
        2) Indian Mujahiddeen
        and many muslims cause trouble in India ………why making politics ? why you dont count them ?
        If u were a hindu u could understand how pain u are giving to us.

      • @Abdu Rasul
        and you just said
        “As per divine order believers must be protected. India should pay attention on the Pakistani Muslims.”
        Why we will protect u bcoz u are a Vedic non-believer .i.e. a Dasyu.

  • @ Dear All,
    Let me say bitter truth both the countries India and Pakistan have failed to protect their respective minorities.I can understand the pain of hindus and other minorities in pakistan and same is the case of Muslims being treated in India like in Gujraat Whole of gujraat is communalized and there are total of 58000 riots against Muslims in India alone buthchred and massacared and 230 are major riots,including Bombay,Gujraat,1992 riots ,1984 (Sikhs) etc but at the same time Muslims can tolerate the pain.Has any Oragnisation Like RSS,VHP came forward .Not at all .We are also brother to them.See the report UNHRC 99.9% (Total of 100000) people booked under TADA after 1992 Babri Musjid demolition are Muslims and worst ever treatment in the History.In Gujraat 2002 riots victims of riots are Muslims still they are persicuted and booked under POTA .However i believe Hindus were enjoying the Pakistaan Before 1992 Babri demolition .Who is responsible ? BJP , LK Advani,Modi ,VHP ,RSS etc.But still we can understand the pain of our Pakistani Hindu brother as Muslim are the people in India who got the similar fate .

    Anyway this is the reality of both the countries.But we can not justify the two wrongs. both the minorities have the same WOUNDs in their respective countries.The diff is that Muslims cant leave India as they are more patriotic and at the same time pakistann is declining in economy and on the verge of collapse and Pakistaani Hindus are finding India a good place and though it is and more opportunities are here.so they want to leave their country.Instead they shoud fight for justice and save the other as well.

    • @Syed

      Brother, this country belongs to you as much as it belongs to me. I fail to understand why the Muslim community continually points to the unfortunate Hindu-Muslim riot of 2002! It’s no doubt a blot on our secular outlook. However, can you deny the fact that Muslims are killing each other every second in the Middle East? There are no Hindus there but still Mosques are bombed, schools are burnt and innocents are ruthlessly massacred. Whom would you blame but the gang of radical Muslims?

      Also, as pointed out in this article the Hindu population in Pakistan during 1951 was 22% and at present it is 1.7% which is in stark contrast to the growing Muslim population in India. Please consider all sides before coming to a judgement.

      Remember, in this country, we the Aam Aadmi have to face discrimination and not the Muslims as you’ve incorrectly pointed out. For example, to initiate a task, Agniveer has to face a bigger obstacle than, say, Salman Khan. Please be broadminded.


    • Syed Bhai,

      I ask you one question. How many Indian Muslims have immigrated to Pakistan in the last 20 years? Compare this number of the Hindus migrating to Idia. Now it’s a time to speak spade a spade. It’s a time of internet and people have become aware and educated. So, your false facts wouldn’t stand the light of truth. Muslim population has decreased from 20-15% to 1.5% in the last 60 years in Pakistan whereas it increased from 8% to 15% during the same period in India! How many Mandirs are there in Pakistan and Mosques in India? Less than 100 Mandirs in Pakistan against the lakhs of Mosques in India!Is there any compariosn between the two countries as far as the treatment of minorities is concerned? In fact, No Muslim country can treat fairly to any non-Muslim as the non_Muslims are considered dhimmies and kafirs, to be ill treated.
      Seeing the above facts, you should apologise for demeaning India and misconstruing the facts by comparing it with Pakistan regarding the treatment of the minorities in respective countries.

    • @Satyen, Agniveer, SYED
      Not only in India but in Pakistan also Muslim faced lacs of attacks in Pakistan and other countries also total attacks on Muslim since 1950 are in crores but no one come ahead to talk about Muslims. Muslim killed in crores since 1947 all over the world.
      Agniveer why not you write about Muslims like “To ave Muslims is the responsibility of India”.

      • @Dasyu Hater
        You aryan people are worst of creature. Allah will punish you severally in hellfire for not worshiping him. I pray to Allah to send me in heaven nearby hell from where I can have chance to peep into hell to see severe punishment of agniveer, Ali Sina and their stooges. You people will understand only when Allah will burn your skin by regrowing it again and again.

      • What kind of God is your Allah ? , sitting on the 7th high sky on his imported Chair…….not even smaller than this universe but than the earth also. He is God or some kind of ghost.
        Let me show u what the real god is :-

        Om sahasra shirsha purushaha
        sahasrakshas sahasrapat
        sa bhumim vishvato vritva
        atyatishthad dhashangulam

        The Purusha (the Supreme Being) has a thousand heads, a thousand eyes and a thousand feet. He has enveloped this world from all sides and has (even) transcended it by ten angulas or inches.

        purusha evedagam sarvam
        yadbhutam yaccha bhavyam
        utamritatva syeshanaha
        yadanne natirohati

        All this is verily the Purusha. All that which existed in the past or will come into being in the future (is also the Purusha). Also, he is the Lord of immortality. That which grows profusely by food (is also the Purusha).

        etavanasya mahima
        ato jyayagamshcha purushaha
        padosya vishva bhutani
        tripadasya mritam divi

        So much is His greatness. However, the Purusha is greater than this. All the beings form only a quarter part of Him. The three-quarter part of His is the universe, who is eternal, is established in the spiritual domain.
        May the supreme Purusha bless the Arya(Brahmin+Kshatriya+Vaishya+Shudra)

      • What kind of God is your Allah ? , sitting on the 7th high sky on his imported Chair…….not even smaller than this universe but than the earth also. He is God or some kind of ghost.
        Let me show u what the real god is :-

        Om sahasra shirsha purushaha
        sahasrakshas sahasrapat
        sa bhumim vishvato vritva
        atyatishthad dhashangulam

        The Purusha (the Supreme Being) has a thousand heads, a thousand eyes and a thousand feet. He has enveloped this world from all sides and has (even) transcended it by ten angulas or inches.

        purusha evedagam sarvam
        yadbhutam yaccha bhavyam
        utamritatva syeshanaha
        yadanne natirohati

        All this is verily the Purusha. All that which existed in the past or will come into being in the future (is also the Purusha). Also, he is the Lord of immortality. That which grows profusely by food (is also the Purusha).

        etavanasya mahima
        ato jyayagamshcha purushaha
        padosya vishva bhutani
        tripadasya mritam divi

        So much is His greatness. However, the Purusha is greater than this. All the beings form only a quarter part of Him. The three-quarter part of His is the universe, who is eternal, is established in the spiritual domain.
        May the supreme Purusha bless the Arya

      • @slave of Veda
        What was great in above comment? Your agniveer has to shut down his website satyagnidot com after having fear of Mushfique Sultan and his exposition. As far as Ali Sina is concerned he is liar and he has no guts to face live debates among the audience.

      • @Agniveer
        Why Pakistani Muslim not responsibility of India? Muslim living in Pakistan are in panic. Their life is always in danger. Every day Muslim get killed in Pakistan in Bomb Blast. Recently 100 Shiya Muslim get killed in Bomb Blast. It is duty of every country to protect the believers all over the world.

      • Yes, we believe that India, Pakistan and Bangladesh must be united again as Akhand Bharat with a political setup led by those who do not bomb nor directly or indirectly encourage, support or remain neutral to acts of bomb-blasters. We are deeply pained by atrocities on Shias by fanatics. It is in best interest of everyone if Shias, Hindus, Christians, Ahmadiyas etc unite together to combat neo-Wahabis.

      • @Agniveer
        Hindu are not much victim. How many Hindu were get killed after 1950. They are in hundreds and in lacs. But Muslims are in crores who were get killed in after 1950. Look at Irak, Pakistan etc where an a average lacs of Muslim get killed in Bomb Blast but no one talking about them. Is it not duty of Indians to save Muslim living in Pakistan?

    • when a muslim identifies himself/herself as Indian first and moslem later, then it is worthy. Hindus have made the mistake of ignoring their religion and putting ‘India first’, and today we see bollywood glorifying moslem terrorists and Hindu-haters like dawood ibrahim. Indian moslems need to realise that until cattle are slaughtered by indian moslems, there WILL BE NO DEAL WITH moslems. Respect Hindu sentiments and you will find refuge in a land not your own, not by islamic standards. and where are you hard-core moslems when women from IRAN come to bangalore/get drunk/sleep around/drive drunk in their cars and abuse/assault BANGALORE COPS ? where is your moral policing, moslems ? I’ve been shooting some tremendous footage of iranian women in india and I will upload it when I’m really pissed with moslems, let the Foreigner’s Regional Registration Office take note, let Iran take note, let Wahabi moslems in saudi arabia take note, these are iranian women in bangalore. No wonder the Parsi community fled iran to follow their zoroastrian faith, and they have prospered………….

  • Hindu GOD do not exist,it is pathetic,my religion and people are pathetic.We need unity and soclail help.These Hindus are pathetic.

  • @HIndu/Agniveer
    Where is God of Hindu? Why does not he incarnate to save them and protect them? Where was God of Dayanand who could not saved him from poison and let him die painfully.

    • @Abdu Rasul (Slave of Prophet),

      If you had read Vedic philosophy, you wouldn’t have stated such idiotic comments.

      Ishwar’s attributes are as follows:

      1. Omnipotent (All-powerful). God does not need the assistance of son, holy ghost, angels and prophets to do His work, during humankind’s earthly existence.

      2. Omniscient (All-pervading or knower of all). There is no need for God to test our faith, in pleasure or pain, He already knows all periods (past, present and future) of time.

      3. Omnipresent (everywhere). God does not come or go, up or down, as He is always present, here, there and everywhere.

      Consider yourself enlightened now.

    • Going by ur LOGIC Islamic ALLAH is the WORST OF ALL GODS worshipped across the world who allows his followers to kill,kidnap,rape others. Why should I worship Allah that cant even enlighten his own follower momins to follow right path?

      • @arjun vaidik
        If you have guts to abuse our prophet & Allah come in our land Saudi Arabia the land of believers then I will teach you lesson.

      • all Muslim know is to kill people .even in that they are not pioneers. all your weapons were developed by khafirs. all the technology you use is developed by a khafir. you are just a clan of people,fit for nothing and reproducing at an extremely fast rate. first ask those Saudis to debate Ali sina.
        when Muslims lose a debate, they either threaten,plead or says Allah knows the best.you can’t accept defeat. false ego

      • sayad hi koi muslim ho jo completly real ho arab also was a hindu kingdome of vikramaditya yadi saudi me archlogical study band kar rakhi hai tum saudi land walo ne


    • Ishwar/Allah/God is the creator of all. It is not like “Hindu god” and ” Muslim God”. If only you people are the followers of true God, what is the reason of the plight of Islamic countries ??

  • This is the result of all the mess that Gandhi created. He wanted the partition and demanded that 55 crores must be given to Jinna, so adamantly for the negligible amount of Muslims at that time when India’s total population was merely 30 crores. The result? They not only occupied and are overflowing Pakistan, they are exporting humans to the rest of the world, making a big mess. And a few morons here in India support Pakistan just because they are muslims. Fie on them, shame on them. They seldom realize that it is prostitution that they indulge in. The Kashmiri pundits were massacred in our own land by these butchers. If there is one sect which is not in sync with harmonious living, it is these butchers (save the kindhearted, thinking-able Muslim brothers and sisters)

    The followers of Islam (or those who think who do) must realize one thing. It is the Hindus who are real secular.

    This is a open challenge for which the time will bear a testimony. It is this. If you ever think of subjugating the Hindus anywhere, the whole of your clan will face demise and Allah the Almighty will ensure it happens. If you ever think that Allah the Almighty will be happy on killing or torturing others, wake up and grow up as you are throwing mud on Allah Himself for He who is praised to be the mercy of ocean will NEVER tolerate torturing others, even in His name.

    O Fools, don’t you read the history? You have been tortured and killed to get converted to Islam by the butchers called Mugals. You are shamelessly referring to them as your “Forefathers”. It is a shame on you and your forefathers who will weep till their last drop of tear upon hearing such a statement.

    Pakistan is in doom, because of the attitude of muslims who are living there. Realize it before it is too late!

  • Dear Sir,

    We are in process of opening up a restaurant and we need some working hands for that.

    Is it possible for us to have these people employed? Do we have any problem in employing them from the government as they are not citizens of our country? Are they ready to work in other states also like Rajshtan, Guajarat, Tamilnadu? What are their expectation for monetory rewards?

    Please let me know all above querie in details to take some firm steps of help.


    Shardul Vyas

    • Bravo!
      Brother Shardul. Helping hands speak more powerfully than preaching lips. Thanks to you and Agniveer for “taking some action” than just talking about it like our politicians. Bravo.

      • Indian Hindus only do blah blah in blogs and websites THEY HIT 1000 OF KEYS IN BLOGS BUT DO NOT PRESS ONE KEY IN VOTING MACHINE FOR HINDU PARTIES DURING ELECTION.

      • Hi Deepak,

        What I Would say is it better to put together a lobby group. So it doesn’t matter if it is BJP or congress or any other party. We find the person in that party we support and would like to vote for. So no matter what party wins, they are someone that support a list of our causes.


      • Deepak,

        The key is we can’t let the big parties feel like we vote for this party or that party. If we do, we will get messed in the politics of the issues. Instead we should say we support this person in your party, but you must first support us on this list of issues and make things happen for us. Tell them we don’t care what party you are, what we care about is the issues. And if they choose not to support us on the issues tell them we will not vote for them and vote for an appoint in their own party. Basically get them in the primary process instead of waiting until the general election.

        When the parties are going through the process of picking their MPs or whoever, they still elect people within party. What we do is talk to them in that very early stage. We shouldn’t have to wait until the general election. If we can get to them early on in the process it can come to a point where it doesn’t matter which party person wins because both would support our list of issues.

        We need to be smart about these things.

      • Ex ISI CHIEF Mahmoud in his book MYTH OF 1965 VICTORY exposed porkis claim of victory. He said that despite porkis being thrice superior in modern armaments in air force and army lost to Indian army and airforce INDIAN ARMY USED PORKI POLICE STATION IN LAHORE AS URINAL BECAUSE THE COWARD HAS RUN AWAY

      • ZAKIR NAIK’S BROTHER LEAVES ISLAM and converts to christanity he states islam is a religion for delusional people. HAMAS LEADER AND FOUNDER SON MOSAB HASAN LEAVES ISLAM and states that islam is crumbling from inside and its growth is myth.

      • Completely agreed, How to educate common hindus about proxy war going on against them.

    • Brother Shardul, The current constraint is that they cannot move out of borders of Delhi. So we need support within Delhi. They don’t have any expectation except dignity of individual, respect for their faith and safety of their women. They can work as contract labors, farmers, vendors, technicians etc. In Pakistan, they had limited access to nurturing even their skills. In India, we can offer them avenues to learn new trades and enhance their capabilities.

    • These Dasyus are doing worse than ever, bloody trodden Manavas.
      O Aryans ……………..Show ur power , you are lions…………..
      Remember the ten lessons:-
      1) Never make freinship with Brahmadvisha(Hater of Vedas)
      2)Never make freinship with Rishidvisha (Haters of Vedic Rishi)
      3)Never make freinship with Avarata (Persons not doing Aryan rites)
      4)Never make freinship with Anyavrata(Persons doing other rites)
      5)And, Never make freinship with Dasyus( the gross total of all these.).
      (Rig-Veda IV, 26.2)
      “I (supreme God Purusha) have bestowed the earth upon the Arya, and rain upon the man who brings oblation.”
      Show the truth to Dasyus.
      Let me remind you who are Dasyu
      The laws of Manu:-
      Chapter10, Verse45:-
      “All those community in this world, which are excluded from the community of Brahmin, Kshatriya Vaishya or Shudra .ie. Aryans, are called Dasyu, whether they speak the language of the Mlekkhas (barbarians) or that of the Aryans.”
      May the supreme Purusha bless the Arya(Brahmin+Kshatriya+Vaishya+Shudra)

      • @Dasyu-Hater,

        Brother, please be compassionate about the plight of these people. Tomorrow, it could be you or me facing the fate of these people. Whatever you do, please don’t be a sadist or a misogynist.

        It is only due to the tireless efforts of noble souls like Ch. Nahar Singh, Dr DK Garg and Agniveer, that these people have found a ray of hope. Since you’re so proud of your Aryan blood, why don’t you do something about the Kashmiri Pundits who are facing a similar plight in their own soil?

        I hope you’re not a hypocrite and if you are one, then please find some other place to opine your racist views. FaithFreedom.org could be a good starting point for you.


      • Hindus can be purified by their own guilt and outwardly through rituals, Hinduism is the original IMAX religion while others were shooting through portrait views on their cams, we were creating the big picture and we were gazing at a panorama view or landscape or whatever graphic artists call it, 🙂