In a very special event organized at Dada Mote Mandir, Village Bharthal, Bijwasan, Delhi, today on May 21, 2013, 482 Pakistani Hindu refugees were honored with Yajnopaveet (Sacred Thread in Hinduism).  The program was masterminded by Dr D K Garg, eminent educationist and Head – Education & Knowledge Excellence (Agniveer). Dr D K Garg is leading the Agniveer initiative for supporting Pakistani refugees.

The program got wholehearted support and leadership from various eminent organizations and individuals. Dr Anil Arya, President – Arya Yuwak Parishad conducted the event and galvanized support from various quarters. Several other educationists, industrialists and social activists joined in this event.

These 482 Pakistani Hindus have taken refuge in Delhi after fleeing from Pakistan as result of unprecedented anti Hindu wave there. Kindly visit to know more about these families and difficulties they are facing currently. Agniveer organized couple of medical camps last month for the families and distributed medicines for free . Agniveer also became instrumental in helping 25 (now 70) Pakistani Girls get free education upto graduation in several Gurukuls. Here are the details

But today was a historic day for two reasons. These Hindus that, unfortunately, are called as ‘Dalits’, who were denied rights of practicing their religion by fanatics, who were denied rights of performing rituals, performed Yajna after taking Yajnopaveet (Sacred Thread) and broke stupid notions of casteism. They defied slavery of hundreds of years and now vowed to live a free and dignified life henceforth. All of them resolved to leave meat, alcohol, addiction, smoking, gambling and follow examples like Ram, Krishna, Hanuman and Dayanand. They also resolved to become Vedic role models to attract entire world to Vedas. They took oath of avenging tortures on them in last 65 years in Pakistan by spreading Peace, tolerance and showcasing why they love Hinduism, why they live for Hinduism and why they can die for Hinduism.

Today’s event was a slap in the face of those who believe that women and ‘lower caste’ people cant perform Yajna or cant have Yajnopaveet/Janeu. Yajnopaveets were distributed to all regardless of caste and gender. And Agniveer is committed to spearhead this crusade against caste and gender inequality till it ends.

In his address, Shri Sanjeev Newar – Founder, Agniveer urged the Pakistani refugees to be not just survivors but be role models. He explained that this Janeu Sanskar is a vow that they will not only assert their commitment to Hinduism, but set such examples that whole world is attracted to Hinduism. He urged them to understand what true Hinduism is, what a true Arya is and become true Arya – noble ones. The Pakistani brothers and sisters agreed with wet eyes.

Dr D K Garg asked them to take a promise that they will shun all vices forever  and say no to alcohol, tobacco, smoking, meat. They all willfully agreed. He also offered jobs to 50 of them in his organization along with home, electricity and every other facility for dignified living. But they must strive to be Vedic role models – that was the precondition. Many other prominent people like Dr Anil Arya, Shri Muni Pratap, Shri Mahender Bhai,  Cap. Ashok Gulati, Shri Vidya Sagar Verma, Shri Ram Kumar, Shri Subhash Dua, Shri Shishupal Arya, Shri Jagveer Arya, Shri Bhagat Singh Rathi, Acharya Aman Singh Shastri, Shri Jiwan Shastri, Shri Rajiv Param, Shri Prem Kant Batra also encouraged people to live life in Vedic way.

Apart from Yajnopaveets, clothes were also distributed to the families that Agniveer’s representatives have collected from across India. Shri Ronak, Shri Bipin and many other Agniveer representatives led the massive campaigns for collecting clothes and medicines for this cause. Volunteers from Spiritual and nationalistic organizations like Art of Living worked hand in hand to make this campaign a success. Agniveer thanks all individuals and groups that helped in this Seva mission directly or indirectly. Once again many thanks to our Agniveers Bipin and Ronak for their restless efforts.

Agniveer thanks from bottom of the heart to all those who made this event a success. We thank Dr D K Garg who was the mastermind behind this whole event. We also thank Dr Anil Arya  for his invaluable leadership in making this event a success. And lastly we thank Ch Nahar Singh, modern day Bhamashah, with folded hands who has been giving  shelter, protection and doing everything for these brothers and sisters in distress singlehanded.

Good news is that after 70 children of these families have been offered free education till graduation by Gurukul Noida, Gurukul Hasanpur and Gurukul Faridabad,  local administration has also agreed to provide primary education to all children of these families free of cost. Children were distributed school bags and books in today’s event.

Agniveer thanks all of you for your support and love. We shall continue to work for the cause of humanity.

May the truth prevail!

 Those willing to contribute to this Yajna may donate to Jan Swabhiman Welfare Society through . Please mail us clearing stating: PAKISTANI HINDUS. Click below button to make your contribution

To directly help these families, kindly contact Ch. Nahar Singh Ji at his following address

Ch. Nahar Singh
Ambedkar Basti
New Delhi
(Directions: Bijwasan is near Gurgaon and Palam Village. At Bijwasan, take the road adjoining Golokdham Mandir and reach Holi Chowk. From there, take a cut to Ambedkar Basti and reach Shiv Mandir. Ask anyone location of Tower on the road. You can ask anyone about Ch Nahar Singh there. Since a lot of media persons have visited in last few days, it will be easy to get road directions from passer-byes, if in doubt)

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Disclaimer:  We believe in "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam" (entire humanity is my own family). "Love all, hate none" is one of our slogans. Striving for world peace is one of our objectives. For us, entire humanity is one single family without any artificial discrimination on basis of caste, gender, region and religion. By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. Please read Full Disclaimer.
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  • Prem Namaste:
    I love reading the Vedas but must confess I know very little about them.I have read several commentaries and the more I read the more I wish to immerse myself in it.
    The Arya Samaj is trying very hard to bring the goodness of the Vedas to the world-I salute you and will do everything in my power to advance your course which is propagating the Vedas to the world.
    I salute you…

  • Accept my congratulations for organising such a ground-breaking event, once more.
    Though I am less active on Agniveer site these days(though i was never very active, but used to check content every other day), becaus i think I have understood the central teaching of Agniveer to lean from the site, and practice it in everyday life.
    I indulge inless online discussion these days and more offline, with real people, who may not have the luxury to speak and write english, but nonetheless carry an equal weightage in votes.
    I don’t know how much change in their attitude have i brought, but I am not living an inauthentic life. I do have a mission, and it is to redeem our religion, and our brothers in religion.

  • Appreciate this effort of Arya Samaj and Agniveer.. I was born in India who spent his teens in India, and then immigrated to West for my education and job, but still would like to see my country of birth progress and get rid of all prejudices, terrorism and evils that are trying to subdue India’s forward march.. And, Untouchability, caste system in Hinduism is one such blot.. It pains me when I hear or read anything that shows prevalence of this shameful practice, which prevents Hindus to be one unified entity in face of grave dangers to our country from neighbouring countries and Ebrahimic religious zealots (esp. Islamic jehadis).

    If any one from Arya Samaj or Agniveer or Kendriya Arya Yuvak Parishad is reading my comments, please do something about the untouchable Hindus in Odisha..
    watch this video about their plight

    Don’t wait till the missionaries descend on their villages and convert them or they fall pray to Jehadi mullas brainwashing and convert to Islam to escape the humiliation the upper caste hindus (I was born to upper caste hindu household but hate Casteism as it is horrible and worse than Racism) have heaped on them.

    The so-called creamy layer champions of OBCs/Yadavs like Mayawati/Lalu won’t do anything for them.. Please please help your Dalit brothers and sisters from clutches of rotten Caste system.. It divides Hindu society and prevents us from standing united and fighting against invaders.

    If you guys really can do something tangible for these suppressed Hindus, and want any monetary support from my side, please let me know.