17. Because Vedas ask us to be tolerant of others just as we tolerate our own weaknesses.

So even if we differ from others in views, Vedas urge us to strive for unity and brotherhood. Vedas say that in world there would always be a variety of languages, customs, social norms, ideologies and cultures. But we should seek unity despite that on basis of the divinity that powers all living beings.

Many cults claim to have monopoly over truth and have punishments for those who refuse to believe in these claims of truth. As per Vedas, these are ways of insane. Because no law will force you to follow the law. E=mc^2 is law of relativity. But Einstein’s research does not say that if you don’t believe in this formula, you will be killed. Law will simply hold true irrespective of whether one believes or not. So instead of issuing a fatwa on E=mc^2, sensible scientists would try to teach relativity to deserving students so that they understand themselves and even question or improve upon the law with a better version. And if there is a genius, he can even reject the law in favor of something more complete. This is the way of Vedas.

18. Because God of Vedas does not sit on a chair on top of the sky.

Since earth is round in Vedas, this concept of 4th or 7th sky or top of sky is irrelevant as per Vedas. Instead God of Vedas refers to the source that empowers all living beings and ensures that they interact with material world as per unchangeable laws. God of Vedas does not twist its laws or show miracles or get angry or sleep or keep an army or court of angels and prophets or grant special favors to anyone. God of Vedas is present everywhere, within and outside us, unchangeable, undying, unborn, impersonal and a consistent law-keeper.

In fact the Ishwar or Paramatma of Vedas is a completely different entity from the God in other later era religious books. The similar usage of words is a cause of confusion.

19. Because earth moves round the sun in Vedas

unlike many medieval texts. Earth is not flat in Vedas. Moving a metal wire between magnetic poles generate electricity in Vedas. Gravitational and electrical forces follow inverse square law in Vedas. Orbits of planets are elliptical in Vedas. Binary logic can lead to advanced automated calculation mechanisms as per Vedas.

I am yet to see a religious book apart from Vedic university that is so scientific. All I know is that till recent, some religious cults punished belief in these scientific facts as blasphemy.

But Vedas clearly encourage such blasphemy and going against the trend.

20. Because there is no death sentence for insulting Vedas or any Vedic role model.

Idol worshippers are not worst of creatures as believed by certain cults that harbor terrorism.

21. Because all religions have complete freedom to propagate their faiths without threats as per Vedas.

Vedas say: Hindu, Muslim, Christian – I don’t care. Simply Be Human.

22. Because Vedas ask us to destroy those fanatics who nurture hatred against those who do not follow their faiths.

Anyone who believes that non-believers must be discriminated in any manner is a potential enemy of humanity. Such elements must be purged out of society so that pluralism is protected.

23. Because Vedas are against polygamy. One man – one woman is the way of Vedas.

The belief that polygamy is divine right of man is “sick” as per Vedas. It is at best a social evil that must be completely eliminated.

24. Because Vedas are against divorcing wife simply by uttering or smsing a word three times.

There can be no difference in marital rights of man and woman as per Vedas. Husband cannot beat the wife. No one can keep concubines or slaves. Property rights are same for both genders. Child marriage is wrong as per Vedas. Widow remarriage is encouraged.

25. Because women in Vedas are free to be doctors, engineers, artists, businesswomen, soldiers, politicians, state-heads, priests, teachers or drivers.

There are no divine prohibitions on career paths of women.

26. Because women in Vedas need not damage their bodies due to lack of Vitamin D caused by staying indoors and covering themselves totally in curtains.

They are free to choose any sensible decent dress without jeopardizing their freedom, health and comfort or requiring approval from some religious agent.

27. Because punishment for rape is death sentence as per Vedas, irrespective of age of culprit.

No illiterate Mohd. Afroz (main accused of Delhi rape case) can go scot-free after raping and murdering a Damini just because his fake school record claims him to be 5 months less than 18 years during his ghastly crime.

28. Because Vedas form foundations of marvelous texts like Bhagvad Gita, Yog Darshan and Upanishads.

Of all the books I have ever read, nothing matches these classics in inspiration, insights, purpose and value-enhancement.

29. Because recitation of Vedic mantras can bring psychological and physiological healing.

Vedic mantras are extremely powerful rejuvenation pills.

30. Because Vedas urge us to live in harmony with nature.

The concept of Vedas is to give as much back to world as much you take it. By our mere existence, we pollute the world. Hence it becomes a supreme duty to take proactive efforts for protecting the environment. Vedas are the first and most vocal advocates of green-technology and “Save Environment” mission.

31. Because I cannot be a Christian if I refuse to believe in Jesus. Because I cannot be a Muslim if I refuse to believe in Prophets.

In fact irrespective of my good deeds, I would be forever punished by God for my refusal to believe. Forget God, even in this world, I may be beheaded for blasphemy. If I escape official punishment because of secular laws in that country, still I may be killed by some fanatic. And then that fanatic would be hailed as ‘great’ for killing an ‘enemy’ of religion.

The only option for a rational spiritual person is Vedas – no threats, no punishments, no mandatory beliefs checklist. Only universalism and freedom to have a customized philosophy of life.

32. Because there is no conversion agenda in Vedas.

The Pope says that he aspires all people in world to become Christians. All Christian missionaries indulge in social activities with this open agenda. Zakir Naik says that a Muslim cannot get into Heaven until he has converted other people in Islam. These agents of these medieval religions want to divide world in believers and non-believers and want to reduce population of non-believers – through deceit, war, terror or bribe. They demand hatred against non-believers. Look at all the top terrorists of the world. All have a very clear agenda of destroying non-believers.

Pope says that when one becomes Christian, he must agree that Jesus is the only begotten son of God and performs all miracles including salvation.

Zakir Naik says that when one becomes Muslim, he must agree that There is no Allah but Allah, and Muhammad is his last and only reliable prophet.

So you must believe in things you have never seen, nor anyone you know has ever seen, nor is validated by scientific research. You cannot become Muslim and Christian at same time because Islam says God has no son, and Christianity says God has no prophets. And both say that unless you believe in their respective faith alone, you will burn in Hell. So it becomes a game of toss. It is like having two pistols over face. Heads – Islamic Allah shoots you. Tails – Christian God shoots you. And you don’t know which pistol is empty.

But Vedas simply have one agenda for all humans – “Be Humans” (Manurbhava). So technically there is no compulsory specific verse to agree to, when one resolves to follow Vedas. You just need to resolve to be honest and humane.

However a few popular verses are recited by many to showcase their allegiance to Vedas. Just read what these verses ask one to promise:

– Gayatri Mantra – I resolve to direct all my thoughts to the source of empowerment and enlightenment of all living beings to best of my capabilities.

– Shuddhi Mantras – I resolve to purify my mind of all forms of negative thinking, hatred, helplessness, lust, greed and strive to live a life that benefits everyone in society. I shall not discriminate on basis of beliefs, wealth, power, education when serving the society. My life is dedicated to a selfless honest service of entire world with pure heart. If I ever even thought of anything with ill intentions towards anyone in world, I humbly apologize and resolve to never do so again.

Just see why Vedas alone form foundations of a universal humane rational philosophy of life. Old is Gold! Oldest is Best!

Vedas demand us to love all, not discriminate, be tolerant of differences with others, fight against those who promote hatred on basis of theological beliefs and work for unity of all peace loving people irrespective of religion.

Nothing except Vedas are so timeless, region-less, religion-less and yet purpose oriented. One can continue the list for “Why I love Vedas!” forever.

The essence is that the only foundation for a universal religion for modern human civilization lies in Vedas – the original source.

Its is the only recipe we have to unite the world.

Lets bring Vedas to every doorstep. Lets bring Vedas to every human.

Lets get Ahead to Vedas!

(Continued from Part 1….)

Essence of Vedas – first book of world

Series: Religion of Humanity, Book 2
Genre: Religion

Must know startling facts about the Vedas – The Foundation of Hinduism! And first book of world.

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Disclaimer:  We believe in "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam" (entire humanity is my own family). "Love all, hate none" is one of our slogans. Striving for world peace is one of our objectives. For us, entire humanity is one single family without any artificial discrimination on basis of caste, gender, region and religion. By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. Please read Full Disclaimer.
  • Hi,
    I like to study religions. After reading part 1 & 2, I can see that the author is very knowledgeable on Abrahamic religions but I am not knowledgeable on Vedas. I have the following questions and hope some can reply:
    1) Based on what I read here, Vedas is very compatible with Buddhism. What are their differences or conflicts if any, in beliefs ?
    2) Is Vedas considered part of Hinduism, or what is their link or relationship ?
    Thank You.

    • Dear Stanley,
      1. For Buddhism and Vedas, please read: http://agniveer.com/buddhism-and-vedas/

      2. Vedas are foundation of Hinduism. They are the only authoritative texts for Hinduism. Everything else is secondary. However, in conventional sense, Hinduism is name of culture of this region. From that perspective, anyone who does not know the name of vedas is also a Hindu. But even the source of the culture lies in Vedas.

  • 1.why not bangla article in agniveer site ! 2.give any published agniveer book name? 3.is agniveer only for india?is agniveer available in outside of india? 4.who is the main of agniveer kolkata?i want to contact him. Please answer me.also check my email.namaste

  • Dear Agniveer ji
    I loved your article on “I LOVE VEDAS”
    Sir can you please write the number of chapter and that of the sholoka so that i can search it up myself.
    keep up the good work.

  • For all who argue against idol worship..

    God cannot be perceived by our 5 senses, not by our mind but can be realized, dissolved in it(God) through meditation or bakthi. This is the essence of Vedas and you agree with that. OK. Let’s take microwave. It cannot be perceived by human senses. We need instruments to sense the microwaves. Once we understand the properties of microwaves using these instruments, we don’t need them every time when we deal with microwave. We can then work on practical implementation of this unseen energy in a good way like making cellphones, ovens etc.. God is like microwave and the idols are like the measuring instruments. These idols help us to start our realization of God. Once we started, we can throw these idols away as they are now useless. We can now continue our journey towards God. Once realized we can use our supreme intellect and understanding in adding progress to our society.

    Om Shanthi.

  • Agniveerji,
    if someone become a good person developing good sanskars ,then how long still the consequences of bad karmas will chase him .

    You were right vedic knowledge always resides in self .Day by day i am discovering and improving .But many a times bad things happen to me leading to feel of guilt (my past misdeeds ).Even a chocolate i ate from a foreign brand was not a good act …….

    Sometimes i feel to whatever extent i improve, my misdeeds will not leave me and i will have to suffer always……

    this is irony when i was bad everything was in my favour ……when started improving things are getting messed up…..

    I am such a loser my mind says go and do as others do ……but my soul rejects ……even i can’t go for such things ….

    Ishwar kisi ko takleef na de kyu ki maine bachpan se leke aaj tak sirf dukh hi jhela hai …….
    Sarve bhawantu sukhinah …….

    • Sir why do our hindus always fight for puranic stories. We have vedas but they never spread the vedas. They give to temples or festivals donations.

      Muslim &christians ask hindus to why Ur krishna watches the bathing women?our Hindus always try to explain these puranic stories. They never say God is formless as per vedas -Krishna is just human.

      our Indian movies or tv channels praise also other gods Jesus.
      And they use our Hindu scriptures for comedy bits .they are insulting their own religion.

      Our birth based brahmins also never protect their own dharma. They never say about our hindu scripures in temples. If you go to church ,pastors say about their scriputer Bible. They give you Bible . Most of the christians know about Bible,Most of the Muslims know about Quran but how many Hindus know about their own scripures. Shame shame!!

      Our hindu don’t know they destroy their own culture or religion. Many people converted to Christianity in my village. And many people are converting to Christianity.

      Zakir naik is true –
      “”We are converting Indians @
      millions per month and your
      people will not even realize when
      they would become minority in this
      land. In next five years, India will
      be a Wahabi majority country.””

      Our hindus never realise this. Shame shame!!
      No one can save Hinduism. Because hindus destroy their own dharma. They prefer puranic stories to vedas.

  • I am disturb to see the prices of the Vedas you have to offer. A electronic copy should be cheap and affordable to most. But the prices seems more for a hard bond book then electronic copy.

    First I prefer hard bond book as I can study it better and give my opinion. I think like Hara Krishnan who use to give freely our Gita and got many followers doing so. You should not be too expensive and out of reach. Vedas should not be a sold for high profit that looks ugly especially electronic copy…

    • Snajay

      It is disappointing to see that people find divine Vedas worth Rs 3600 EXPENSIVE. On one hand they are willing spend thousands of rupees on expensive mobiles, shoes, cloths , party, tv etc.. but when it comes to buying Vedas, which can change their lives for good forever, they suddenly find themselves tight.

      Money is just a silly excuse. I believe this price of Vedas is nothing compared to the knowledge people will be getting from them.

      If people donate enough money, then Agniveer can offer them with quite a less price or for free.

    • Namaste Sanjayji:
      a. Price is decided by publisher.
      b. Hare Krishna can provide books for free because it gets huge amount of donations. We and associated publishers and author have no access to such donations. Price paid for this cause should be considered as donation for Dharma. Agniveer utilizes the funds to either maintain the sites, promote cause of Vedas, or support those who have dedicated life to the cause or give dignified living to unprivileged ones like Pakistani Hindus taking refuge in India. There is no profit on sales. Financially, the entire Vedas selling mechanism is a loss making enterprise.
      c. The price is very nominal considering that you get more than 8000 pages and translation of more than 20,000 mantras. A typical 800 page ebook costs between 30 and 40 dollars. That too on much simpler subjects. Just to complete the work of 4 Vedas has took several years of painstaking efforts without any source of funding. We so happily pay for Krisshes and Dabbangs and make then billionaires. We should also think how we can respect the efforts on this most noble cause in a way that more people are encouraged to take the cause.
      d. Unless able ones liberally donate to such noble causes, we should forget the dream of revival of Dharma. We often very easily claim that organization X or Y or religion A or B distributes their books for free. In reality there is nothing free. They are able to do so because someone has donated huge amounts to finance the expenses. If everyone also supports genuine causes like Agniveer with same level of enthusiasm, a new future would be written. Let people come and announce that they are sponsoring X number of Vedas e-books or donate upfront to make the Vedas completely open-source. We would then happily purchase all rights from author and publisher, and put the works in public domain.

      We are doing best that we could for promotion of Vedic dharma. People behind Agniveer have left their posh careers and dedicated themselves to this cause. They have spent their entire savings to one single cause without even uttering a word. It should be duty of entire society to support Agniveer’s causes.

      • I learnt that many americans donate their x amount of pay to churches. How many of us do such donations for the upliftment of dharma? Many ppl in southern india donate huge amounts to tirumala balaji in an illusion that their sins would be taken care.

      • I am surprise entity like agniveer and alisina hardly find donation inspite of their dedicated service for humanity while political parties who has nothing to do with the country get donations of crores same as religious group like hare krishna who has nothing to do with the religion gets donation in crores. Today in the news I was watching manish Sisodiya NGO got crores of rupees in the donation as open by shri harsvardhan. Ali Sina project still pending due to money to make movie on Muhammad which will be last nail in coffin.

  • Agniveer Ji,
    Thank you for your articles. You have been doing commendable job by spreading Vedic knowledge. Although I strongly believe in Vedic Knowledge and its essense, there are certain aspects I didnt quite follow in Vedas.Hope you will clear my doubts.
    1.Vedas do not propagate polytheism then why do we have concept of Demigods ? If God is the supreme power why would he create Demigods like Indra,Agni ultimately misleading the humans to worship Demigods.Even Rigveda starts with Hymns praising Indra,Vayu,Agni.
    2.In many of your articles you mention that mythological characters like Krishna,Rama are enlightened personalities who revered Vedic culture and incorporated the same in their life. As far as I can see in Vedas ,there is no mention of God taking human form in order to establish Dharma on the earth.Should we consider Krishna as Demigod or the Avatar of Vishnu or Messenger/Prophet of God? If Krisha and Rama are just humans who happened to have upheld Vedic principles as per history then why do we have temples of Rama, Krishna and thousands of hindus worship them as if they are avatar of the Supreme Brahman.Please clarify me if I am wrong.
    3. We have around 32 Crores Gods in Hinduism. Is it allowed as per Vedas to worship any one of the Gods out of those 32 Crores Gods instead of praying One Formless Omnipotenet God?
    4. I understand that Vedas strongly promote Monotheism although it appears to be supporting polytheism.Are there any slokas in Vedas that praise Gods like Hanuman, Ganesha ? If not why do we worship them ? Is it because puranas and upanishads say so ?
    I would appreciate if you would clarify me on these points.

  • Ganesh is a Vedic term. It is used for Almighty God also. A controller, leader or master of any group is called Ganesh. God is also Ganesh in this sense.
    This word Ganesh is used later on as specific name for many persons, as is serves as a good – meaningful name.
    But the deity shown, known and worshiped these days by Hindus as Ganesh has nothing to do with any historical character. It is just a part of so-many superstitions created in the name of God.
    Sri Ram and Sri Krishna were great sons of this soil. They were not God. They were human beings like us. But they had so-many good qualities and powers, so they did many many good deeds and they therefore deserve our respect. But to worship them – their idols & pictures etc as if they are God is ignorance.
    Bhavesh Merja

  • RamNarayan ji Namaste,

    Symbolic in the sense for example Ganesha symbolizes intellect as elephants tend to be intelligent among animals and also inadvertently protecting it from poaching.Same is with other animals.There may be thousands and lakhs of Gods but all are manifestation of one.So nothing wrong in worshiping one or many or no God.And moreover the practices like Vishnu Tilak,other Puja Saamagri,temples helped in identifying Indian connection with Greeks,Scandinavians,Russians,Egyptians,Mayans,SE Asia,etc. that we had thousands of years ago.If we had stuck with formless worship we would have never known that we helped in developing their societies.Though the westerners don’t agree and most of Indians don’t know about it.

    Formless to perceive has to take some form is not a theory or a statement of mere ignorance.It’s a fact.The best example is your statement itself “Iam firm in the belief that GOD is formless and only formless Ishwar is to be worshipped. One need to follow sathvik food habits, practice patanjali’s astaanga yoga, meditation and only then can worship the formless GOD. I agree that Iam not there yet”.So till now you are perceiving in a form.What more proof required.You are saying Rishis have achieved it.May be it’s true.So be it.If you take in percentage wise how many are achieving it.I say there are lot but in their own Gods or perhaps no God too.One achieves thru Rama or Krishna or may be Einstein or Aryabhatta.So be it.

    • Madhu ji, Namaste!

      You are simply misunderstanding my statements. What made you understand that i perceive GOD in a form. I told that I know GOD is formless and i have strong faith in it. I don’t worship any idols/murthis. I worship formless GOD. The perception of his formlessness comes with a practice. you please take it as i mean.

      Please answer me: Does anybody called Ganesha exists (or existed) with an elephant face? If it is only symbol, is it not GOD?

      • RamNarayan ji Namaste,

        We are going nowhere with this discussion.I know the historical importance of single or many or no god.Our whole Bharatiya civilisation(creation,evolution and spreading of our culture) has been coded in worshiping of Gods.I’m in no way denying worshiping of one God.Only asking not to impose it on others as Vedas are suggestive in nature.
        Let us agree to disagree.

      • Madhu ji, Namaste!

        I agree that our discussion is going parallel because both of us have two different and opposite understanding about GOD. As long as human beings understand that GOD is all pervading and all our actions are being appraised by HIM every moment whether you are inside the temple or outside the temple or anywhere, understanding the GOD’s nature will be easy.


      • @RamNarayan reg “Please answer me: Does anybody called Ganesha exists (or existed) with an elephant face? If it is only symbol, is it not GOD?”

        What proof you have that its NO Exist? and what proof that you have GOD exist? having characters like NO form, No Space, Nonbreakable, NonFirable exist?

        Without a doubt we should have had GOD, that the unknown factor the Great Great Rishis as Scientist approached the unknown factors x as OM and attributed as you bhelived the unform God. And also for lower NON-Rishi level set a pattern how to reach to it. In differnt forms of gods symbolyzing certian characters, dharmas etc. Same way, we have historical proof of Kishna, Rama’s to some extent like submerged dwaraka, or RamaSethu and some places that took place as a human incarnation of god.

        For that matter, God exist in every thing (as per the same great rishi’s Aham Bharmashimi) so nothing wrong as Krishna, Rama, Ganesha or what ever.

        For kindergarden, LKG, UKG, we don’t teach applied mathematics, or alzebra. We teach basics, so is he Great Rishi’s set to get basics in different in a form of approach and if you want to stop at degree and continue what u do at that stage you are free to do so. but that don’t stop you to go beyond and explore the un-form god, If and only if you want to explore in that field else you are more than welcome to continue your professoin what you do and believe in the thought what you are up to (as long as it sync with the Great rishi’s direction aligned to the unformed god).

        Why Many gods? Here you go
        from a near to a swamy/Rishi/jr.scientist : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kg8L4-wv4Vg

  • Dear Madhu, Namaste!
    When i said, idol, i was talking about an object that has a physical form. GOD should never be perceived as a physical object. I don’t think the rishis or manthra drastas have idoloized GOD when they contemplated on Vedas. They instad felt the presence of Ishwar everywhere which is HIS true nature. There are several sukta in vedas where it says, GOD is formless.
    A smart person wouldn’t care if someone abuses one’s parents (dead or alive), because it would be the abuser’s bad karma to abuse anybody. Instead teach him sistaachaar or social behavior because abusing somebody is basically bad manners. If the abuser continues to do the same thing, one should leave his sangati.

    • RamNarayan ji namaste,

      I understand your points but my objection is the dictatorial tone of yours(It appeared to me like that,hope I I’m wrong) like this one: “GOD should never be perceived as a physical object” that charged me up to take a confrontational position. If someone wants to perceive as an object let it be like “Mathru Devo Bhava,Pithru Devo Bhava”.Why dictate or impose.
      I’m not a saathvik to teach them the most basic thing on the planet that is respecting others parents which if not all most of them know.

      Moreover a question to you.How you pray a formless God i.e. as it being said many a times God is infinite,formless,etc,How can you perceive an infinite and formless one.It’s impossible to perceive an infinite and formless one.To do that you have to bring it to a finite and in some sort of a form and by doing that it becomes an object.

      • Dear Madhu Namaste!

        First of all, one must understand the true identity of an entity in order to be able to use it. As we know water’s characterstics we use it appropriately for our use. If you misunderstand any thing you tend to misuse it. If you don’t understand the characterstics of fire, you would burn your hand. In the same lines, GOD (Ishwar) is sat chit ananad swarup. Take anything in this creation that has three characterstics and it can be GOD. Physical objects like idol, picture are void of chaitanya (consciousness), instead they are only insentient. How can you treat such objects as GOD. Today we see the consequences of such misunderstanding everywhere. Idols being sold in the market. Idols being immersed in water. Hindus got divided into shivites, vaishnavites. We fought amongs ourselves claiming vishnu is supreme over shiva. Hinduism is today questioned of our various unreasonable forms of GOD such as Ganesha (having an elephant face), Brahma having four faces. Shiva picture made half man and half woman. These are a few examples. Are these forms practically possible. What answers do you have for these?
        That is the reason, i was stressing the need that GOD’s true nature cannot be perceived in a physical object tangible for eyes.

        And for the question you posed to me. Iam firm in the belief that GOD is formless and only formless Ishwar is to be worshipped. One need to follow sathvik food habits, practice patanjali’s astaanga yoga, meditation and only then can worship the formless GOD. I agree that Iam not there yet. Atleast on a ground level, do aasan praanyaam and sandhyavandan. Do havan whenever and wherever possible.

      • RamNarayan ji Namaste,

        If idols are the reason for fighting then you definitely know there is a desert cult in this world which has done and doing atrocities in the name of non-idol worship.The Gods you mentioned were symbolic.I’m sure you know that.
        I can show Shivites defending Vaishnavites practices more than Vaishnavites themselves and vice-versa.Shivites are the strong proponents of Rama.There might have been a brief fight between them centuries ago but who remembers that.

        My point of contention is formless can’t be perceived.To perceive it has to take some form.

      • Madhu ji, Namaste!
        “The Gods you mentioned were symbolic”. So you agree that they are not GODs and do you agree that any insentinent object cannot be GOD? Why don’t the hindu pundits and pujari’s publicly announce they they are not GODs.

        Once you start giving a form to GOD (which is out of your own interest and inclination towards a shape/size/form) there is not limit in creating these physical forms. Then forms a sect and then a group who likes a particular form and who dislikes this particular form to create another. This personification of personal interest is a hindrance in identifying the true nature of GOD. I hope you get it.

        And about “My point of contention is formless can’t be perceived.To perceive it has to take some form.” is just a theory or a statement of mere ignorance. I didn’t mean to hurt you or anybody here. Only a person of highest standard of yoga saadhna can percieve formless Ishwar and we have proofs from our ancestral Rishies.


  • If u hav’nt seen a religious book so scientific as the vedas..then i think you have not read The Holy Quran..vedas say earth is round..quran says earth is round & flattened at the top..vedas is against idol worship & you people indulge in idol worship..falsehood shall perish & truth shall come out..

    • Dear Sabir, Namaste!

      If earth is round and flattened at the top, how does it look like? could you please show us a pic of such a shape.
      Why then since ages, scientists not able to give this picture of earth, you are mentioning.
      You are right, Idol worship is wrong and should be condemned and stopped.


      • @RamNarayan
        Stopping of Idol worship is totally against the democratic right of a person.If idol worship is so wrong then don’t respect your parents and stop idolizing them.Charity starts at home.

      • Dear Madhu, namaste!
        I was not talking about democratic rights but mentioning what Vedas say.
        What is the connection between idolizing and respecting. Respect the parents,elders,knowledge. There is no meaning in worshipping their pictures/idols after they are dead. What do you get worshipping a dead person. Even when they were alive,they are not to be worshipped but respected,taken care well.
        When you worship a idol or picture,you get attracted or attached to the picture and not to their ideals which are to be followed. Soul has left the body. No amount of worship in front of the pictures or idols doesn’t reach them.

      • ramnarayan ji namaste,

        You are forgetting the most important part which is, Vedas are suggestive in nature and not a doctrine.The way you are saying implies to me as a doctrine.Everyone including the sages who wrote(or perceived) Vedas had idolized something or other and which is not at all a bad thing.
        If idolizing is so bad what would be your reaction when someone abuses ones dead parents(or do nasty things on their pictures).A self respecting person would definitely show the culprits their place.
        For me even praying the faceless and formless Vedic God itself is idolizing.Same applies to religions.

      • ||You are right, Idol worship is wrong and should be condemned and stopped.||

        This is entirely wrong statement. To understand the correct meaning lets start from beginning. Suppose I want to worship God, now will you explain what one should do?
        1. Read something
        2. Shout in air
        3. Make any body gestures
        4. Put heads on grounds
        5. Visit some place

        If any of the above make any sense to you, then how making Statue which is much vivid, simple and most effective method is wrong to you?And yes, it is not vise trying to own Vedas.

  • Hey! i really appreciate the work of the authors on the site. Can anyone link up a site or the verse numbers or a book which has listed the scientific statements & facts (such as the inverse square law) in Vedas.

  • hinduism is an plagiarized mixture of sumerian pagan worship and brahminism.
    the vedas is thousands of years younger than sumerian scriptures

    • What expertise do you have in claiming that the Sumerian religion is thousands of years older than Hinduism! !!!. Did you dream about it?

    • the vedas are one of the oldest religious text in the world and still existing the other old ones are sumer and egypt but you cant say it is copied because Hinduism is far advanced to paganism which most of the world at that time believed in

    • Dear Veera, Namaste!
      That site doesn’t have any clear idea or theory. By reading a couple of paragraphs it is so boring and confusing by the usage or words. Seems the author is not clear about any concept of creation or brahma gyan.


  • Agniveer Ji,

    Keep going.. Spread these noble thoughts all over the world.. All Humans ( Hindus, Muslims, Christian, Buddhists, etc) must unite for this noble cause.. As Swami Vivekananda clearly said that ” In future India will become prosper and reach its past glory.. ”

    Lets spread, Humanistic Sanskrit philosophy in every nook and corner of the world.. May everyone in the world live as a HUMAN by following these philosophies.. We all must realize the TRUE NATURE of Almighty(Allah/Ishwar/God)..

    ” Please make efforts to free innocent Muslims from fanatics.. Every Muslim is not a terrorist or Inhumane.. We also wish to live peacefully with our fellow Humans.. We also wish to live and let live.. We also wish to be great Patriots.. We also wish to become Good Person like APJ Abdul Kalam.. I am the first example who wish so.. ”

    May we all (Hindus/Muslims/Christians/Buddhists/Sikhs) unite for making the world noble.. May Allah/ishwar/God help us for this noble cause..

    “Satyameva jayate”.. Jai Hind..

    Thankyou Agniveer Team..

    • @KhanJOHN, first of all, this post didn’t ‘MARKET’ one in exchange of favor or didn’t ‘FORCE’ one but a expressed author’s views on why he/she loves and showed the differences of the next major religions how it is different from them, specially there is NO MARKETING AND OR FORCE.
      Seems some one like you don’t like to digest the truth.

    • Brother,
      Christians make Christianity look like a brand and Jesus as a Brand Ambassador. You people pay money to convert. So that tells the sanctity of Christianity. Agniveerji on the other hand, “recieves donations” the vedas for noble cause and for breaking even.