*Let us now analyze some of the wrong answers discussed earlier in http://agniveer.com/5095/what-is-vedic-religion/ and understand some worth-knowing aspects of Vedic religion.

How is Vedic religion different from Hinduism?

Hinduism is another term for Vedic religion. Basically Hinduism refers to the philosophy that emerged from Hindusthan or Indian sub-continent that is built on foundation of universal humanism and pursuit of inner intellect.

Name does not matter. You may call it Vedic religion, Hinduism or simply Humanism. What matters is the essence. This essence is same for every human being – be he or she belong to India, or Zambia, or Sweden or Saudi Arabia.

One would still continue to be called Vedic or Hindu or true Human even if he or she has never visited India or read any Indian text but still follows the basic tenet of rejecting falsehood and accepting truth from personal life and is respectful to same spirit in rest of the world.

In short, Vedic Religion or Hinduism refers to the spirit of universal humanism.

Can one refuse to believe in 4 Vedas and yet be follower of Vedic religion?

Yes. And several reasons for this.

– There is not one single mantra in entire Vedas that even remotely say that only those who believe in 4 Vedas are following Vedic religion. Yes, there are mantras that explain and lead us to conclude that Vedic religion and content of the 4 Vedas – both refer to same thing.

– The 4 Vedas contain codes of higher levels of truth. They are like detailed texts of Physics that contain very obvious concepts as well as more subtle concepts that can be mastered only after thorough practice and understanding. They are the foundation or first source of this Vedic religion. But just as a student of Class 6 claiming to know Physics merely because he mugged up the Einstein Paper on Theory of Relativity (that can be easily downloaded from google) would only be a subject of our laughter, in same vein, if someone claims to believe in 4 Vedas without actually knowing what Vedas mean would be equally laughable.

Most people claiming adherence to Vedic religion today actually fall in this category. And that is why despite their tall claims, they remain in miserable state in terms of their strength and impact on society.

An honest smart Vedic follower would simply assert that if we logically analyze the available information, we can conclude that Vedas are not some random creations by certain human beings and instead contain storehouse of basic to most advanced level of knowledge. And if that not be considered, then every other theory would have blatant contradictions and confusions to an extent that it would be impossible to decide what is right and what is wrong. And hence we should endeavor to explore the meaning of Vedas.

But this would come ONLY as a conclusion of a thought process and not as a blind dogma to begin with.

– There may be several reasons – previous knowledge, past experiences, thinking capacity, preferences etc – that would color the thinking process of an individual and hence it would not be as obvious for everyone to accept Vedas as divine or ultimate texts, as it may be for a few of us.

– Swami Dayanand once said that not everyone can be scholars but everyone can be Dharmic (honest) for sure. So if one is honest to his or her best intentions by denying infallibility of Vedas, he or she is STILL Vedic. In fact they are MORE Vedic than those blind herds who follow Vedas simply because they were told so. Had such blind followers would have been born in some other location, they may well have become blind followers of some other texts.

– If believing in Vedas be necessary to be follower of Vedic religion, it would mean that those who could not get access to books of 4 Vedas due to geography or poverty etc can never be followers of Vedic religion. Thus Vedic religion becomes religion of ONLY the fortunate ones. And hence, the claim of Supreme in Vedas itself that the knowledge of Vedas is for all human beings regardless of gender or profession or birth goes wrong!

– In reality, the whole concept of 4 Vedas is that the knowledge within them is already within us in same manner as spokes are attached to center of a wheel. By exercising the powers of our mind smartly, we reveal the knowledge that already lies within us! Refer Yajurveda 34.5. So the study of 4 Vedas externally is also a way to unravel the knowledge within. One can do so by mugging up 4 external Vedas or shouting Kalmas asserting one’s loyalty towards it. Or start with the most innate trait of rejecting falsehood proactively, keep gaining knowledge and performing worthwhile actions to build the basic foundation. And then guided by the inner voice, move ahead to master even the external 4 Vedas or whatever else is deemed necessary for achieving higher echelons of truth by a smarter soul.

In today’s context, this later way is much more natural and practical for most of us. Even someone like Swami Dayanand had to follow this approach to be the most renowned scholar of Vedas.

– While many mantras of Vedas have fairly intuitive meanings that are easy to be grasped by most of us, yet all mantras do contain deeper meanings that can be unraveled only with further and further mind control. There is a mantra that states that just as a loyal wife only comes close to her husband, in same manner meaning of Vedic mantras are understood only by the deserving. So no one on earth can claim to have understood the Vedas properly. Everyone is just a preliminary student. And hence, no one is competent enough in first place to put precondition of allegiance to Vedas – the ultimate benchmarks – for someone to adopt Vedic religion. This would be as foolish as refusing someone admission in primary school because he did not admit that sin^2y + cos^2y = 1!

So yes, belief in 4 Vedas as divine or benchmarks of wisdom may be a natural conclusion for many of us. But this is NOT a precondition to be admitted to school of Vedic religion.

The precondition is only ONE – Accept truth by rejecting falsehood!

Can one refuse to believe in God and still be follower of Vedic religion?

Yes, and the reasons are almost same as above. Further there is an additional reason:

– Vedic God is different from God of Bible, Quran or Purans. Most people when they refuse to believe in God are actually refusing to accept superstitions in name of God as propagated in name of religion. The anathema of West against God is only for the God of Bible. This is justifiable because God of Bible has many contradictory properties and at times acts like a mortal human being. But Vedic God is different. In fact God may not be the right word to denote the Vedic concept of Supreme.

The Vedic concept is much more intuitive and natural – that there is a source of unchangeable laws of the world that govern this world and us. Physicists may simply call it Law of Nature. Now a smart Vedic follower adds a dash of positivity into this and says that this source of unchangeable laws is acting in a manner that we can enhance our happiness through right actions. We are neither left in lurch like orphans nor allowed to escape fruits of our action. So there is a well-founded optimism that the laws of nature ensure justice and support. We believe so because we see this very obvious in world around and in our innate tendencies.

But someone intellectual who was nurtured in a society that had completely different notions of a Supreme entity – an anthropomorphic entity, or a moody emperor, or a magician etc – may find such a God hard to digest. And it would be difficult for him to dissociate word God from this meaning and give it a new meaning in perspective of Vedas. For example, Arya is a very noble word. But in Germany, people would somehow try to link it with some sort of racism because of the Hitler episode. These words trigger certain emotions due to their previous associations and hence difficult for many to appreciate any new meaning easily.

Thus atheism is a natural and rightly-directed aversion of a truth-seeker from what his mind considers as unfounded notions. So in being atheist, he or she is STILL acting as a loyal follower of Vedic religion.

In other words, a truth-seeking atheist or agnostic or even a superstitious believer in some other notion of God is STILL a Vedic person, if he or she believes in these notions honestly after whatever experience, expertise, intellect that they possess at a given moment in time.

Yes. We have already discussed some reasons above. Let us add a few more:What about Havan, Sandhya etc? Can one be Vedic without adopting these healthy practices?

– Havan and Sandhya are very healthy practices but their nature and method is geography and time bound. Havan means burning useful products to purify environment. Sandhya is a form of meditation and self-suggestion to gain stronger spiritual powers. Now Vedas do not prescribe a specific method of conducting these. Their form and methods have varied over ages. So to associate Vedic religion with any such ritualistic practice would be against the very essence of Vedas.

– But yes, Havan and Sandhya are powerful techniques for a healthy mind, body and environment being practiced since ages. Depending upon one’s intellect level and past experiences, one may take time to understand their significance and right customized method suited to one’s own level. But till that happens, only a dogmatic mind would outcast such a person from Vedic religion. On contrary, dogmatics have no place in Vedic religion.

So while one can say that Havan, Sandhya, waking early, brushing teeth, exercising, proper hygiene are hallmarks of a rational well-intentioned person, one cannot deny admission to Vedic school to anyone merely because his background did not allow him to appreciate the benefits of these practices.

– Further Vedas contain hundreds of healthy recommendations for us all. I would say that Havan and Sandhya are among the least emphasized ones. Virtues like early morning routine, having a muscular strong body through strenuous exercising, not compromising an inch in matters of principles and morality, working proactively for uplift of nation and destruction of its enemies etc are more emphasized ones. So one can then choose another set of recommendations  (like 5 mile jogging and 40 pushups daily) and start terminating Havan/ Sandhya compliant students from school of Vedic religion!

The simple point is that all these are next levels in specific subjects, but not entry-exit criteria for Vedic religion.

So you mean Arya Samaj is not necessarily follower of Vedic religion?

Arya Samaj etymologically means a society of noble persons. So from this perspective, all people who follow Vedic religion are also Arya Samaji.

Now Swami Dayanand Saraswati started Arya Samaj in late 19th century to unite intellectual people into worthy actions. Thus his criteria were not the most preliminary but a more intermediate level so that they could not only act as followers of right principles but as well be teachers of these principles. So all intermediate to advanced students of Vedic religion formed the Arya Samaj. He thus formulated a 10 point principles of Arya Samaj.

But he even attempted to attract the more basic students through a variety of means. He had in his various other ventures, even those people who did not adopt all the principles of Arya Samaj but yet were right-intentioned aka followers of Vedic religion. Thus his Paropkarini Sabha had even someone like Justice Ranade who was a noble person but not member of Arya Samaj as formulated by Swami Dayanand.

Cutting the story short, all those who sincerely understand and believe in 10 principles of Arya Samaj are undoubtedly followers of Vedic religion. They are in fact worthy lighthouse of society and they proved so by initiating various social reforms and freedom movement in India. Swami Dayanand wanted to address imminent needs of the society and Arya Samaj represents those eligible students of Vedic religion who had potential to act as torch bearers. Who possessed a minimal level of intellect, knowledge and dedication. Who could act as leaders of rest of the society.

But this does not preclude other noble souls who did not explicitly believe in 10 principles of Arya Samaj because of a variety of reasons, as discussed in previous sections, from being termed as great followers of Vedic religion. Thus all freedom fighters, social reformers, soldiers who sacrificed their lives for Mother nation are all proud examples of Vedic religion. All scientists who put their best efforts to unravel mysteries of nature through an honest thinking process were also great examples of Vedic religion.

Note that it is never that someone is either follower of Vedic religion or not a follower of Vedic religion. This is true for Christian or Muslim. One is either a Muslim or a non-Muslim. Christian or a non-Christian. But one can be Vedic in one aspect of life and non-Vedic in another. Further, the degree of adherence also varies from time to time. So Vedic religion is a light. There is hardly a place that has absolutely zero photons. But intensity of light may vary from place to place and time to time.

For sake of simplicity, we call those people as followers of Vedic religion who proactively invite this light of wisdom in their lives regardless of their existing darkness. Those who at least attempt to open their windows to sunlight regardless of how tight and jam it may be.

Coming back to Arya Samaj, in modern times, Arya Samaj has become a very confusing word. It does etymologically represent society of noble persons and there are many dedicated followers of 10 principles of Arya Samaj as laid out by Swami Dayanand Saraswati. They are indeed great examples of Vedic religion – the more advanced students! However they are individuals.

But there is also an institute or organization named Arya Samaj that runs through huge number of Arya Samaj temples and various organizational bodies etc. Who are very famous in Bollywood for supplying priests for scenes of marriage. And who earn a huge income through marriage of eloped couples. This spineless culture of Arya Samaj is nothing more than a mockery of the legacy of Swami Dayanand and anything but Vedic religion. They may do their Havans, Sandhyas and shout slogans of ‘Vedic Dharma ki Jai’, and hold public meetings attended by big-shots politicians and tycoons. But their intent is well observable from their tangible outputs. There is a fundamental Vedic principle that those who claim to have greater knowledge and capability should also deserve greatest punishment. Refer http://agniveer.com/4272/manu-smriti-and-punishment/.

Another principle states that the frauds should be respected not even by words. So this Arya Samaj – which is nothing more than a grand disorganized kitty party – deserves the lowest marks if one were to score the entire population on Vedic Dharma compatibility.

Our recommendation would be to stay away from kitty-parties if you sincerely want to transform your own life and that of society through adoption of Vedic Dharma or Vedic religion.

I do not agree to all that is written in Satyarth Prakash or in Agniveer site. I have my differences. I find another method of worship effective. Can I still be a follower of Vedic religion?

As we have said earlier, you have your right to differ or even counter not only Agniveer site or Satyarth Prakash – source of most of Agniveer concepts – but also the 4 Vedas. The ONLY criteria is that you should be doing so with genuineness and without bias. The reason to defend something should NOT be that we have been believing so for past several months or years, or because we have given a public statement in its favor, or because it forms basis of our profession, or because we may be ridiculed or punished if we change our stand. The only basis of defending something should be that we honestly believe that it is correct. And yet we should always have one door open for any change that may come tomorrow as we gather new information and process further.

This is a natural way that we all adopt to become mature. Or else, after our brains had fully grown up by age of 4, we would have remained as dumb forever! So Vedic religion is all about being in harmony with nature without bringing false ego in picture!

How is Vedic religion different from other cults or religions?

– All other cults come in package deals. You have certain core beliefs, some books, some prophets, some priests, some rituals and some prophecies. You have to either accept all or be out. Even if you in reality accept only a few components of the package, you still have to publicly announce allegiance to the entire package. So in a way, falsehood is promoted. You must announce your loyalty to what you can neither verify nor logically understand nor find reasonable or face exit.

Vedic religion is made to fit. You believe in only what you find logically sound, reasonable, intuitive and what you can understand right now. You can refuse to claim allegiance to any book, saint, belief etc and yet be Vedic so far you adhere to honesty.

– All other cults work on binary logic. Either you are one of them or an outcast. Vedic religion is not a cult. You are naturally Vedic. And as per your intents, you are less or more Vedic in various aspects of life. Its between you and the Supreme Force (whatever label you may give it – God, Ishwar, Laws of Nature etc) and no one has right to pass judgment on whether you believe in this religion or not.

– Vedic religion is inspired directly by the oldest text of the humankind – the 4 Vedas. It considers only eternal principles and leaves everything that is geography or time specific to wisdom of individual and society. Further, it does not even demand allegiance to 4 Vedas also. Ved means knowledge or enlightenment. So any approach in life that is knowledge seeking is Vedic religion.

– You cannot be a Muslim and Christian at the same time. But you can be a Vedic even though you are a Christian or a Muslim or a Hindu or a Jew or whatever.

– While all other religions mean blindly accepting certain sets of assumptions, Vedic religion means being enterprisingly honest.

So your Vedic religion has no basis, no benchmarks, no foundation. One can do whatever he or she wants and still be Vedic. Huh! It is better to be more disciplined by following a cult like Christianity or Islam.

This only reflects that we have become mental prisoners. A prisoner who has been kept in a dark cell finds the sunlight of freedom unbearable. There are true stories of convicts committing suicide because they found free life so uncomfortable. They could not even relieve themselves unless someone blew a whistle! Vedic religion is definitely not for the lovers of prisons. Its all about freeing yourself.

But Vedic religion is also not about being undisciplined. It is, on contrary, all about being RATIONALLY disciplined. So Vedic religion is not about succumbing to lust because you seem to find it most enjoyable in a particular moment and ultimate truth. It is all about applying the mind that has been bestowed to think of the consequences and perform a what-if analysis. What-if everyone in world starts becoming lustful like me. What-if someone becomes lustful for my own mother or sister. What-if the way I enjoy lust, someone else enjoys murder etc etc. And conclude that the truth is that one is the master of mind. That by mastering the mind, one can seek enjoyment in anything he or she desires. So as a smart master of mind, I shall seek far more enjoyment in whatever brings me long term strength, vitality and energy and not vice verse. I shall seek enjoyment in that in which even if all the people of world start seeking enjoyment, still the world becomes only a more beautiful and happy place.

This intellectual growth is far more disciplining than any cult-rituals.

How do I get started?

– You can adopt good rituals from any cult or society and still be Vedic. Being Vedic is no way contradicting to your being a Christian or a Muslim or an Atheist. Simply adopt the best practices and junk the rest. You already do so. Nobody in world can follow each letter of Bible or Quran. That is technically impossible. So you do already customize the books as per your own requirements. Take it a step further. Instead of performing this customization because that was inevitable, do a customization that best fits your needs.

Question everything ruthlessly and ask yourself – why do I follow this? Simply because I was born here, or I was socially adapated to believe so or there is something more? Keep eliminating whatever comes as a wrong answer. Whatever does not fit reason. And then you would have gradually come closure to truth – to a unique customized religion for yourself – specially made for you.

You can keep fine-tuning this tailor-made religion forever in life. Not only would it be a most enjoyable passion but also help you discover the true you. In process, you would have been following Vedic religion all the way.

So, you can start from whatever feels comfortable to you, and keep introspecting to have not only discipline but also elegance in whatever you do.

Yet another way could be to collect common good points of all religions and reject the cult specific traits. For example, all religions talk of truth, peace, honesty, compassion etc. Grab these points together and this becomes a good starting point to have a customized religion for yourself that is lean and effective.

– For those looking for a ready-made alternative for discipline instead of too much of customizations to begin with, Arya Samaj principles would be a great beginning. Grab a copy of Satyarth Prakash or Light of Truth or contact us!

You can thus have a very rational template of disciplined routine that not only brings discipline but also adds to your health and intelligence. So simply download Satyarth Prakash or Light of Truth. Review it carefully, especially Chapters 7 onwards. Also review all articles on Agniveer. This would provide sufficient beginning material for you to start being a master yourself. If in doubt, contact us.

(Note: this is still only a recommendation and not a compulsion. The beauty of Vedic religion is that there is no compulsion and only enlightenment! All that these articles and Satyarth Prakash do is to compile logical analysis of many a common questions that come in our mind but we are afraid to ask.)

What benefits would Vedic religion give me?

This is same as asking what benefit would water give me or air give me. Your intellectual survival depends only upon your knowledge-enhancement. And for humans, happiness derived from knowledge-enhancements surpasses other forms of enjoyments far many times. It is because of this that humans could have build a civilization and did not waste time only in food, sex and sleep like other animals.

So Vedic religion will help you unlock those levels of happiness that you could never imagine before.

Vedic religion is all about using your will to achieve your goals. A follower of Vedic religion does not leave anything to destiny. You desire and achieve. You learn how to use power of mind to achieve whatever you want. Nothing apart from Vedic religion can teach you this skill better.

Vedic religion makes you totally fearless. You know that nothing except your own intentions can harm you. And you know that your intentions are under your own control. So no one is as daring as a Vedic person. No ghost, no jinna, no omen, no curse, no sight, no threat, no dracula, no witch, no horoscope, no palm-lines can affect him. He is fearlessness incarnate.

Vedic religion ensures you are always positive and futuristic. A Vedic person is never in guilt-traps. He knows that his present is reflection of his intents till previous moment. And his future is shaped by his present intent. He thus uses his present to enforce a positive intent and ensure a bright future. He never wastes time brooding the past or giving up in guilt-traps.

Vedic religion makes you enjoy your relations. You consider everything as a gift from Supreme Force in return of your noble intents so far. You attempt to improve all relations, sincerely love them and think well of them because that is the only way to bring happiness. You do worthwhile deeds for happiness of your family, society and world. And this brings even more happiness. Your happiness thus multiplies. The world becomes a heaven for you full of love and success.

Vedic religion helps you become a complete person. Because you operate at will-power level, you can easily transfer your skills in one area into another. You become an expert all-rounder.

Vedic religion helps you develop a natural resistance against committing stupid and foolish acts. You no more have to resist yourself from lust, greed, frustration, anger, jealousy because of fear of some miraculous power or incentive of greater enjoyments in future. On contrary, Vedic religion teaches you how these stupid acts are actually spies bringing greater trouble. You instead naturally incline towards much more healthy and much more enjoyable sources of short-term and long-term gratification. You no longer have to keep saying sorry and keep doing confessions. You simply enjoy more by acting more smartly by understanding why you should avoid falling in shit.

And above all, Vedic religion gives you ultimate peace and brings you in harmony with nature. You enjoy every moment thousand times more than you ever enjoyed before. Its an enjoyment full of enthusiasm, action, health and energy. Your sleep is peaceful, your waking is enthusing, your actions are dynamic, your thoughts are pure, you health is exemplary and your zeal is infecting on everyone around you. You become definition of peace and enjoyment.

I can keep writing. But its already there for you to experience RIGHT NOW! So what are you waiting for! Start your journey to become a Powerman immediately! All you have to do is to assert your proactive loyalty to the following.

‘I promise to accept truth through a continuous process of rejecting falsehood every moment to best of my abilities in the most sincere manner.’

May you become live examples of the following verse from Rigveda by embracing this Vedic religion:

I have gained such tremendous powers that I am unstoppable by anyone on the planet. Just as powerful horses take away the chariots wherever they desire, I can achieve whatever I aspire for. I can easily destroy the mightiest of challenge that confronts me. I can change the course of history and set the greatest precedence for future. All this has happened because I have decided to follow the path of wisdom. (Rigveda 10.119)

If you are convinced that you would be a a loyal follower of Vedic religion, use the comment section to announce your assertion and inspire others. Remember the corollary that happiness multiplies by sharing!———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-

This article is also available in Urdu at http://agniveer.com/common-questions-vedic-religion-ur/

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It is very possible that what is meant by “spreading out and giving features” in this verse is the well known “continental drift” theory. In the early 20 th century a German meteorologist by the name of A. L. Wegener, after studying numerous scientific indications suggested that the continents had… Read more »
It is interesting to note that in the Qur’an God ties the “spreading out” (Daha) of the earth with the formation and “planting” of the mountains. An issue which Wegener has confirmed and considers to be an integral part of this theory as seen above. It is also interesting that… Read more »
Let us not forget that Sanatan Dharma is a pluralistic faith, ie respects other faiths. Tjhis website os not to discuss other faiths, but to explain Sanatan Dharma and defend against falsehoods by anti hindu muppets. This website should not be used to insult other faiths whatever the provocation, come… Read more »
@dogra : Respect has to be mutual, its not a one way. We have to understand that there ARE differences in the various systems and these differences enable a thinking and pramatic mind to logically choose the best one.If we call a banana a potato just for the sake of… Read more »

@sanatani. Who are you to decide the topic? can you decide the topic at alisina?

Same Quran is also saying that “woe to whom who offers Namaz ” will you also advise Muslims to abstain from Namaz offering???
If you don’t have knowledge then ask who has knowledge.

Sanatan Dharma
@anti-agni Good, keep up fighting with kufrs. _________will you also advise Muslims to abstain from Namaz offering________ Yes, I advise to Muslim abstain from Arb’s culture/rituals, stop going in mosque it will destroy Taliban and Arbi culture. _________you don’t have knowledge__________ Quran Allah also had no knowledge Creation of the… Read more »
Egypt assembly votes for Islamic laws The Egyptian Constituent Assembly, which is mandated with writing the country’s new charter, has voted to keep Islamic principles as the main source of legislation…. ”’Islam is the state religion, and the Arabic language is its official language. The principles of Islamic sharia are… Read more »
e don’t kiss the Kaba, we kiss the Black Stone because Prophet Muhammad did so, Sahih al Bukhari Volume 2, Book 26, Number 667: Narrated ‘Abis bin Rabia: ‘Umar came near the Black Stone and kissed it and said “No doubt, I know that you are a stone and can… Read more »
@jay. i am not here to propagate Islam, i am here because agniveersamajis abuse our prophet and Allah SWT . it increasing hatred against agniveersamajis/aryasamadhis in my heart. i can’t tell you how much hatred i have now against aryasamadhis. after reading samhullash 14 my peeception for dayananda changed totally… Read more »
Jay Arya(hinduagnostic)
Jay Arya(hinduagnostic)
okay i see but you need to understand hindus/arya samaji attacking othe peoples beliefs or kiling people in the basis of religion is something they learnt from foreigners like muslims and christians they are learning to defend their faith and unity which they didnt do in the past and you… Read more »
Sanatan Dharma
@anti-agni ______________i am here because agniveersamajis abuse our prophet and Allah SWT_____________ Ali Sina / faithfreedom also claim Mohammed was looter, pedophilia, mass murdered rapist, Quran is not word of God but a political agenda of Arabs and Mohammed etc. etc. why not you go there and refute them &… Read more »

@sanatani. if alisin is performing his duty of abusing Allah and prophets very well then why agniveer and agnniveersamaji unnecessarily wasting their time and increasing hatred for themselves?

Sanatan Dharma
@Anti-Agni _______you peoples are a cult_____ What is cult? How am I following a cult? How Islam is religion not cult? ______i am challenging you to debate me on the topic “sanatani is fool”___ I accept your challenge. If you prove me I am against humanity, morality, I will change… Read more »
@sanatani/agniveersamaji, ali sina is a name and he has been thoroughly refuted by many websites. you can search http://www.answering-islam.com. he may be another aryasamaji but you peoples are a cult in India and you are spreading hatred against Indian Muslim. i am challenging you to debate me on the topic… Read more »
Famous praises of Gita: For thousands of years, the Bhagavad Gita has inspired millions of readers. Here’s what some of the greats have to say in praise of this venerable scripture. “When I read the Bhagavad-Gita and reflect about how God created this universe everything else seems so superfluous.” ~… Read more »
It is the case Mr. sanatanai that you don’t know about your religion about your temples. how could you say there was any Krishna? the book which you use to know Krishna is telling you that he was makhanchor and due to makhan and gur he was very active in… Read more »
Sanatan Dharma
@anti-agni __________you don’t know about your religion about your temples_____ Eternal religion does not say to build up temple/mosque/church etc.. I never go in temples / mosques/ church etc. to worship God. These are just picnic spot for me. _____ how could you say there was any Krishna_____ Sanatan Dharma… Read more »
@sanatani, why you go to picnic at those temples? to see those nude pics/idols? who are you ? are you any authority in hindu religion? why should i believe what you are believing? you havent told me what is your source that hazrat saffiyya exists even? you peoples pick up… Read more »
Sanatan Dharma
@anti-agni _______________why you go to picnic at those temples______________ I go to temples like lotus temple, Birla Mandir, etc. at Holiday as a pastime. Khajuraho is one of great tourist place in India. Tourist come to Khajuraho to see the great carving skill of the ancient people. _______________are you any… Read more »
Jay Arya(hinduagnostic)
Jay Arya(hinduagnostic)
anti agni you still here if you want to be a slave of allah you can be? what are you trying to prove with your nonsense? and gita is part of mahabharta they are both corrupted but gita does not say what you claim most hindus try to understand krishna… Read more »
Amul Arya(Abu Masood)
Amul Arya(Abu Masood)
who told you krishna had sex with gopi? krishna was not like your prophet who feel in love with her at 6 and had sex with 9 year old and no hindu actually worship the murti most hindus see god everywhere they worship god through the idol not the idol… Read more »

@sanatani. what a beautiful answer you have given …you are real agniveer samaji….worshipper of solar system . you don’t know the case and start barking .

you are liar saffiyya r.a. was not married same day. you have shown your filth.

Sanatan Dharma
@anti-agni _______you are liar saffiyya r.a. was not married same day____________ Okey, Not same day. Then when? May be next day or after two, three days. You meant to say two, three days after killer of woman’s husband, father, brothers claims he did marry with the woman of anti-agni Safiyah/… Read more »
@sanatani. It is proved that you are liar. you deliberately lie to give perverted meanings. because you atr filty hate monger……..nothing to spread from veda so you malign islam. because of your hate mongering 98% Hindus have rejected you. you want to change everything as you have changed meaning of… Read more »
Sanatan Dharma
@anti-agni I think you have nothing to discuss here. Instead of answering you are parroting everyone hate monger, hate monger. I have asked a question to you but you did not reply, Question was “Two, three days after killer of woman’s husband, father, brothers claims he did marry with the… Read more »
Sanatan Dharma
@anti-agni _______what about south indian temples______ What you have to do south Indian temples? Why should I discuss about them? I do not know what are in south Indian temples. Although temples, mosques etc. not mentioned in Veda. Veda are universal teachings. There is no reference of any temple, place,… Read more »
@satani. you believe according to yourself …what about south indian temples? How could yousay what is adulteration ib krishna story? you have changed veda’s translation and meanings . What is your source of information regarding hazrat saffiyya? You believe what you want in your books and want to make us… Read more »
Sanatan Dharma
@anti-agni ________You say sex to marriage____ What you will call if someone attacks at your house and kill the all male members. Will your wife marry with the killer of her husband, father , brothers? But killer claims he did marry with your wife not rape/sex. How should we take… Read more »
@sanatani. it is vedic site and hete only veda and vedic dharma can be discussed. Instead of accepting your lies you always change your question, i don’t know what do you know? You say sex to marriage ? Every Hindu believe that krishna is makhan chor.. from hindu religiousbooks but… Read more »

@sanatani check http://www.truthabouthinduism.com. you will get all answers. or Google truthofhinduism.com

Amul Arya(Abu Masood)
Amul Arya(Abu Masood)

that guy and islamhinduism and working together most of their articles are nonsense and not even worth replying to they are just repeating things which have already been refuted

Sanatan Dharma

This website is anti-Indian site because it abuse 85% people of this country. Why to target only Indian Hindu people not Arabian, Pakistani, Afghanistan Muslim people. Are they above Indian Hindu people?


this is why im a hinduagnostic

Religion is a matter of emotion !! ………….. And all the reasons put together can not out weigh a single emotion…veda realises this fact…… so be whatever you want to be ….. (its your emotion) But for GOD sake…..for Sake of ALLAH…for any Sake..Don’t hesitate to accept Right as Right…..or… Read more »
@ Mr Shudra As a principle of sociology —- societies can be compared either they are in the same time period or the same society is compared on different time periods..for example Indian society of 2012 can be compared with U.S. society of 2012 or British or French or Chinese(… Read more »
GOOD job Agniveer! A discussion which can only be possible following the vedic rituals and of course internet!! ha..ha..ha… few faiths allow such disscussion? Infact you will find Islam and Christianity emotional about their reasons…where as they must be emotional about people and not towards their reasons…..No need to be… Read more »
@jabb, your argument is absolutely correct.. i was listening debate between tariq abdullah and so called pandit mahendra pal arya who claims that “Allah ordered angels to bring dust to make adam and AJAJEEL brings the dust so y he denied to prostrate in front of ALLAH????” in that debate… Read more »
@Anti-Agni, it is wonderful to see that you are making analysis of that shameful defeat in that debate which taqiyayist Abdullah Tariq got from Pandit Mahendra.What you are making allegation is about AtharvaVeda 12.5.62 This is Taqiah (cheating legitimized in name of religion) at its best. 1. The current context… Read more »

@angira/truth hater…”ved nindak ko kaat daal cheer daal jala de” ka kiya matlab h?
Bhai tm log kitne confise ho… ved kiya h????? Aise to har cheez ko defend kiya ja sakta h.


anti agni ji , ved nindak ko bhi jivit rahane ka adhikar hai jain v bauddh mat vale, islam panthi isai adi bhi jivit rahe hai! aur aap bhi jivit fir aise prshn kyo kar rahe hai! ved nindak bhi is desh me rahate hai !

@Anti-Human/ Mawali (non Arab Muslim or slave & puppets of Arab Sheikhs)/ Slave(Abdul) of Pagan Moon god allah(Abdullah)/ Mohammedan(follower of pedophile) ——————————————————————————— We Hindus are not defending something, we are just following Dharma (truthfulness of nature) & Dharmo Rakshati Rakshit: (Dharma defends defenders of Dharma themselves). This is reason why… Read more »

If I believe Vedas is a lie and man made, can I still be a Vedic follower?

Sanatan Dharma
@jabb __________If I believe Vedas is a lie and man made, can I still be a Vedic follower_________ Veda are eternal knowledge. And no one can deny eternal knowledge. You are Vedic as far as you “accept truth through a continuous process of rejecting falsehood every moment to best of… Read more »
If Veda is about individual knowledge of the truth, then we will have contradictory truth. Everybody has a unique opinion of what is the truth. There are peoples like Adolf Hitler believe killing 6 million Jews is the final solution to human problem, would that make what he believe is… Read more »
@jabb : one cannot compare a news channel’s opinion to a individual understanding.The motto is that if today i have an understanding based on the knowledge i possess today , i should not get stuck there forever, but should be willing to change/enhance my understanding based on the knowledge (based… Read more »
Sanatan Dharma
@jabb ___________If Veda is about individual knowledge of the truth_________ Where Veda do talk about individual personality? ______Everybody has a unique opinion of what is the truth____ On This Veda say Rigveda 10.161.3 – Your analysis of right and wrong should be unbiased and not specific to particular set of… Read more »
“to best of your abilities in the most sincere” “You believe in only what you find logically sound, reasonable, intuitive and what you can understand right now. You can refuse to claim allegiance to any book, saint, belief etc and yet be Vedic so far you adhere to honesty” To… Read more »
the great

very nice apperciate agniveer for spreading the truth


@All Mawali Mohammedans:


See how the original Mohammedan (Arab) treats you – he spits on you and slaps you. Do not be a slave to the Arab Mohammedan, O Mawali Mohammedan. Regain your self-respect and junk the Arab cult.


Bro KB

I expect now lot of Mawalis coming here claiming this video to be fake. But those having brains and self esteem would definitely get what you meant. Great video. Thanks for the share

@Bro Vajra: Yes. The Mawali will claim the video is fake. Otherwise, he will claim that the Saudi is not a true Muslim and Allah will punish him in eternal hellfire. That is all the Mohammedan can talk of…all problems in life have a solution in the afterlife – either… Read more »

I pledge to try my best to live out this lifetime according to these epistemological principles!


@hell-seeker, u have right name because u are seeking hell. u have written//Zakir naik A Muslim fanatic writing nonsense articles on Indian legend Rama, Krishna, Dayanad etc. to trash Indian people//
can u believe that dayanada is legend????? hell seeker dayananda allowed niyog? can u allow niyog?

Tushar Sharma
@shudra ….. First of all, I would like to request you for your true name and not for you…. everyone please use their true name. I suppose these posts are started to have holy religious debate. And the start of holy thing should not be from false. Agreed? 🙂 Now,… Read more »
Tushar Sharma
rest of my previous post…. ……….Suppose if all communities will advocate for better education and living standard then there will not be any issue of unemployment. As the educated and confident persons (or community) will ask for job then these selfish politicians (and all) will have to think about investing… Read more »
Tushar Sharma
For God sake!!! Please don’t categorize terrorism: Hindu terrorism, Muslim terrorism etc. They want only these mindsets (Caste and religion typecasting) in humans and I can see they are wining…. Terrorists are just killers of human beings…. No community can stop terrorism except the unity of humans. There is only… Read more »
Mr. shudra, do u think that any muslim can write this(as written by abdullah-divide & rule) [email protected] We cannot win the agniveer & Co intellectually. WE need to play Taqqiya as prophet sanctioned us. Pakistan (Muslim Country) attacked many times on India but every time they get defeated. Brother you… Read more »
Why can’t a muslim write like this? Taqiyya and Kitman are part of your culture. You love to follow them. Taqiyya itself means deception. That’s what you played to convert poor gullible people past 9/11. Those who have heard of 9/11 will NOT convert to islam. Yet many converted bcoz… Read more »
@hahaha, please read combat kit at islamhinduism.com and see what krishna is saying… do u know what is niyog? peoples like u have been deceived by America so u know amerca attacked iraq that there are WMDS in iraq and u have blindly believed. can u show where are WMDS… Read more »
Do you know who a mawali is? It is you, Gadha Khan. You are a mawali. And by the way, America only attacked Iraq on a false pretense, but Islam is attacking the entire humanity. So, that makes Islam and its ardent followers a potential threat that needs to be… Read more »
Tushar Sharma
@shudra(ब्राम्हण आतंकवाद) Then raise voice against them and let them sentence to death. Command man like me don’t want killers and terrorists in society, we know they have killed our beloved. Do you think Common men made them? No! Neither these killers are common man nor do they belong to… Read more »
shudra(वैदिक ईश्वर का भेद-भाव)
shudra(वैदिक ईश्वर का भेद-भाव)
@ brother Tushar Sharma you are absolutely r8 mujhe aap ka comment padhkr bahut hi achha laga. mujhe pahli bar is website koi aap jaisa mila h jo bhed bhav chhod kr ek sachhe kanoon ki bat krta h. Aap bilkul thik bol rahe h hume atankwadiyo ko saja dilwana… Read more »
Adullah: Divide and rule
Adullah: Divide and rule
@Shudra We cannot win the agniveer & Co intellectually. WE need to play Taqqiya as prophet sanctioned us. Pakistan (Muslim Country) attacked many times on India but every time they get defeated. Brother you are doing great work as agniveer trying it’s hard to eradicate cast-system but we need to… Read more »
shudra(ब्राम्हण आतंकवाद)
shudra(ब्राम्हण आतंकवाद)
@ ABDULLAH I hate pakistan it is worst country in the world. I hate pakistani people bcz they hate Indians. I love my INDIA. I will sacrifice for my country. I hate those Indians who are spreading hate msges in India. once again These coward people like agniveer and brahmin… Read more »

bhai to jagao sab hindu o ko mebhi sath me hu apni jagah se
fatu o ki thok sakte he agar sab hindu ek hojaye

Truth Seeker
@shudra Brother Agniveer is against the Muslim terrorist as you know Muslim keep on their attack on Jammu-& Kashmir. 26/11 Terrorist attack was done by Muslims to terror Hindu. 9/11 Attack on world trade center was done by Muslim terrorist to terror the Kufrs/non-believer. Hafiz Sayed A Muslim terrorist want… Read more »
@hell-seeker, y u always prophet muhammad? can u tell our respected visitors that how many peoples have been killed from both sides in islamic revolution in 23 years of prophet muhammad s.a.w. you always come and regurgitate ur poison over here? can u tell me the numbers of peoples killed… Read more »
@Gadha-Khan So, why is then the Indian government pushing for the extradition of Hafiz Saaed? Is the Indian government run the UPA coalition also pursuing the RSS/BJP/VHP agenda? Maybe, the intelligence agencies should recruit you for the incisive details that you have brought to light. Just a few corrections: There… Read more »
A Shudra :Why Shudra not allowed to enter in Al-Masjid-al-Harâm
A Shudra :Why Shudra not allowed to enter in Al-Masjid-al-Harâm
@Agniveer You do not pay much attention to this Kufr “Shudra” I know you are doing great work for eradication of cast-system. This Kufr is abusing Hindu but they (Muslim) themselves do not allow us to enter in Kaba as they believe we are worst creatures and Quran sanctioned them… Read more »
A Hindu

Bhai Bharat eeak matra desh hai jaha par Hindio ki sankhya adhik hai. Aap qyo hame hamare desh me chain se rahane nahi dete hai? Aaj jitne bhi world terrorist orgnisation usme muslim kam kar hai.

shudra(ब्राम्हण आतंकवाद)
shudra(ब्राम्हण आतंकवाद)
आतंकवाद – दोषी कौन? 1- मालेगाँव का बम विस्फोट किन लोगो का षड्यंत्र था 2- अजमेर दरगाह का बम विस्फोट किन लोगो का षड्यंत्र था 3- मक्का मस्जिद का बम विस्फोट किन लोगो का षड्यंत्र था 4- समझौता एक्सप्रेस का बम विस्फोट किन लोगो का षड्यंत्र था 5- नांदेड में… Read more »
विचित्र परिस्थिती ॥ ॥ ॥
विचित्र परिस्थिती ॥ ॥ ॥
डॉ राजीव दीक्षित के अनुसार देश का जो पैसा विदेशो में गया है वह वापस ले आए। उन्होने पूरी योजना बनाई थी। लेकिन उसका कोई लाभ नही हुआ। उल्टा उन्हे मरवा दिया गया। उन्होने एक चलचित्र में बताया था कि कैसे यह किया जाए और जितना पैसा गया है, यदि… Read more »
India has hitherto withstood the missionary assault because of the devotion of the ordinary citizen, especially the denizens of villages and tribal belts, to their ancestral faith as represented by the grama devatas, kula devatas and sthana devatas who form a protective shield around their devotees and save them from… Read more »
सभी जानते हैं कि भारत में मतांतरण के लिए चर्च को अमेरिका से करोड़ों रुपये प्राप्त होते हैं। और हाल ही में विकीलिक्स में ऐसे भी खुलासे किये हैं कि प्रधानमंत्री अपने मंत्रियों तक की नियुक्ति अमेरिका के इशारे पर कर रहे हैं। कहीं ऐसा तो नहीं है ओडिशा में… Read more »

bhai jab pura bharat jaghe ga tab ye mumkin he baato se nahi sudhre ga bharat ke pahele sab hindu ek hojaye to hi to dikha sakte he HINDU DHARM kya shakti he

चर्च द्वारा धर्मांतरण के कार्यो को लगातार बढ़ावा देने के कारण कर्नाटक,उड़ीशा,आंध्र प्रदेश, मध्य प्रदेश, छतीसगढ़, राजस्थान, महाराष्ट्र आदि राज्यों में उसका टकराव धर्मांतरण विरोधी ताकतों के साथ लगातार बढ़ है। इन टकरावो के चलते ईसाई समुदाय के चर्च पदाधिकारियों के सामने उठाये जाने वाले महत्वपूर्ण मुद्दे दबते चले आ… Read more »
धर्मांतरण के जरिये भारत की जनसांख्यिकी को अपने अनुकूल बनाने के बाद चर्च का अगला लक्ष्य सत्ता पे कब्जा करना होगा. और इसका जीता जागता उदाहरण देश के सुदूर उत्तरी-पूर्व हिस्सों में, नागालैंड, केरल, उड़ीसा, छत्तीसगढ़ और महानगर मुम्बई के कई इलाको में देखा जा सकता है. यहाँ चर्च की… Read more »
Today this brand religious ‘scholarship’ has been taken to abysmal depths by missionaries in India who now claim that the original Dravidians were Christians and the invading Aryans created the Vedas by borrowing ideas from the Bible! The authors of Breaking India cite several such examples by these missionary ‘scholars’.… Read more »
Some groups based in America and Europe are actively engaged in weakening Indian society by dividing its people into mutually hostile camps on the basis of tribe, cast and religion. It is part of an ideology and academic exercise promoted by evangelical Christian and so-called ‘human rights’ organizations in an… Read more »